Wear Open Shoes in Winter? With Invisible Socks It Works!

What woman does not know this: Because you would also in the winter to special occasions like high-heels, ballerinas and co-operate, but the temperatures just do not allow.  Thin nylon stockings are not a true alternative and thick cotton socks make a look just broken. What would be nice if you could wear pumps with socks, but they are not noticeable and almost invisible. Is not it? Wrongly thought. The new socks from Keysocks make it possible now.

Socks despite open shoes – so it goes:

The US company Keysocks has launched socks to keep the toes and heels as well as the lower legs warm, while protecting them from blisters. The refined: the socks are completely invisible to the viewer due to a large cut-out on the upper half of the foot. Similar to boots we like to wear in ballerinas in the summer, the socks close exactly with the shoes and are thus concealed. Another plus: The socks are cut as high as the knee-bones. This also warms the lower leg and the sock can not simply slip on the foot. Brilliant!

Where can you buy the invisible stockings?

The cool stockings are available in four different variants. For which one decides, depends on the temperatures. The portfolio ranges from”Winter Warm”,”Barely There”, to”Classic” and”Weekend Keysocks”. The different models have a different material composition, which means they can adapt to any weather – sometimes cuddly warm, sometimes thin and airy.

The socks cost about 9 euros per pair and can be ordered via the Onlineshop of Keysocks. Whoever takes several packs saves.