Use Heels May Alter Muscle Balance

One of the most extended customs especially among women is the use shoes with heels and between this type of shoes, there are some who have a very high heel. The problem is that Use this type of heel can lead to problems on our health.

New research published this month in the journal SurCoreana International Journal of Clinical Practice specifically suggests that high heels can alter the muscle balance around the ankle joint, and can lead to serious problems of instability and balance. The Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery magazine indicates that high heel in America-related injuries have doubled from 2002 to 2012.

Between the lesions analyzed, there were more than fourteen thousand related to the use of high heels, but they were also directly concerned with alcohol intake. High heels push the center of gravity forward and upward, so that persons who use them they must constantly change its stance to maintain balance.

The Professor Neil Cronin of the University of Jyväskylä in Finland, lead author of the review on the long run effects of high heels, warns of increased changes in muscle length when walking. Used heels, the tension of the tendon that connects the muscle to the bone is greater than normal. The Achilles tendon in the heel can shorten and also become more rigid.

It was observed that women who wear high heels for years developed this problem and when they go to use flat shoes again, often have headaches. In addition, high heels are also related to an increase in the risk for arthritis.

The solution you suggest isn’t just the not using heels, there are other alternatives, as for example use high heels that are thicker, since they help to maintain better balance, or also use soft insoles that can reduce the pressure on his knees. That Yes, try to alternate the use of high heels with flat shoes.