Ursula Mascaró Autumn/Winter 2014 / 2015

Ursula Mascaro He travels to the heart of the big cities and is inspired by the urban environments in its collection Autumn/winter 2014 / 2015, that it asserts the female identity signs in any place and situation. A Court of basketball in New York, a skate park in Milan or Paris graffiti environments are the scenarios chosen for the creation of each model.


Ursula says that this collection is: “A new generation of women who do not want to dress up as men and that assert their femininity through the heel”. In the Day-Night line we see rooms craftsmanship and precious materials that can Stylize a red carpet or raise the pitch of a casual look for evening.

Hauntingly female halls carved in sequins, Swarovski crystals, the moulded geometric-ethnic and new skins in old gold.

Urban High Heels

Blue klein, new animal print, metallic pins and new styles of camouflage are the proposals of this line, shoes ideal for styling any day and night styling.

Top Glamour

For the lovers of the heights, the platforms of vertigo and the stilettos, proposals intended for the night are carved with special materials, even with a futuristic touch, with lined shades game platforms. All a waste of glamour!


Here we find varied designs but with something in common: the platforms they are hidden under the skin. Models in heels that rise up to 16 cm in stylized lasts somewhere between the living room and the round tip. Abotinadas sandals lace up, rocker and elegant patent leather to wear on any occasion-inspired booties. Footwear designed for long hours of fashion life.

Ones to whatch

It is the line that I like less by being too “crude”, bold, futuristic… Creations peep – toe platforms of retro-inspired, with prints of all kinds and mixture before and velvets.

Urban Street

This season there are proposed rock. Boots and booties with elastic materials to conform better to the leg, urban-inspired designs cowboy and ultra modern creepers that invite us to be followed by a London Soho.

Fashion shoes in Jezebel

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