Treatment of Special Cab “Stilettos” for Those Who Walk with High Heels

Wear high heels It makes us feel more woman, see us more feminine and adds us something sexy. some carry them because we want and when we want, others not so lucky by demands of work. All without exception have just with foot, back, twins headaches. I want to make you discover the treatment Stiletto de Montserrat Quirós.

Walking with high heels is an art but you must be very careful with the height of your heel. I already explained the problems that may occur from abusing them. Without reaching these extremes, the foot suffers anyway because it is not his natural position and have to pamper it from time to time.

In this Madrid health and beauty center have devised a complete protocol for relax, relax and beautify your feet that includes a Swedish massage, a localized session of LPG, pedicure to a cold gel mask.

I detail all the steps:

  • Deep tissue Swedish massage: through movements of passage on foot, relaxes the muscles, it relaxes and is decontraction. There are also massages and movements of stretch in twins, one of the muscles most affected with the stiletto. The product used is a body oil that helps to activate the blood circulation during the massage.
  • LPG by Endermologie: some passes are made with the head set to the program sports descontracturant of LPG in the sole of the foot and the twins. It is one of the steps that the professional who made me my own included and! da a gustirrinin in the sole of the foot! No, it does not Tickle.
  • Pedicure: a good treatment on the feet should include the treatment of the duricias. This step is especially important for them that form on the heels and the pads of the feet with the use of heeled shoes.
  • Cold gel mask: the end point is the application of a mask with cold gel from the foot to the knee, all leg. Products used include floral water, essential oils of menthol and arnica. Aims to decongest, calm, circulation, draining and deflating the legs. When the mask is removed, apply a moisturizer.

I think that, behind the back, the area of the body that most grateful for a massage. This treatment lasts 1 hour 30 minutes and has a price of 80 euros. Expensive, affordable, a fair price? You have to assess the professionalism of the beautician to perform the treatment, the quality of the applied products and outcome.