Travel to Central America

Central America is home to one of the most amazing destinations, offering breathtaking temples, lush jungles and impressive wildlife.

At Tourist Travel, we make tailor-made trips to some of the most beautiful corners of Central America. Our travel range in Central America ranges widely from lush jungles in Costa Rica to the marvelous world of the Aztecs and Mayans in Mexico.

A journey through Central America is like an eternally long treasure hunt, where there is always a new adventure waiting. From the greatness of the Mayans in Mexico to the famous canal in Panama. Along the way you can experience desert, rainforest, jungle, mountain towns, vineyards, coffee plantations and big cities. Central America is full of contradictions. Here, crunchy periods and rainy times, traditional culture and modern initiatives and highlands with lowlands meet.

A trip to Central America is a nature experience out of the ordinary. The scenery that forms the setting for your trip may be the most beautiful you have ever experienced. The Mayan Pyramids peep up into the lush nature, coffee plantations stretch for miles and the miles of coastline create a white, enchanting membrane around the whole mess. Central America has it all – from the story of the Aztecs to the trek across the treetops. You may well begin to rejoice.

Countries in Central America

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a country in many layers. Here you can go on adventures at all heights – hovering over the foggy forest, walking the many trekking routes or swimming far the exotic coastline.

Head to the Carnival of Limón, dine locally at Sodas in San José, experience the famous Arenal Volcano, or visit the turtles of Tortuguero. Here are plenty of great experiences that you should add to your Central America trip.

Types of Travel in Central America

Cultural journey in Central America

According to COUNTRYAAH, a trip to Central America is a dance through colorful countries with a bubbly and friendly population. Latin rhythms and carnival fill the streets of the big city. But if you go out into the wild, you will find impressive relics from the many population groups that have characterized Central America over time.

Among the moss-clad mountain sides of Mexico, the impressive Mayan pyramids shoot up and down through Costa Rica and Panama, the Incas have left their footprints. The locals greet you with “Pura Vida”. It means “Simple Life”. And while the impressive architecture of Central America does not feel nearly as simple, Pura Vida is always the right description of the ambiance you find here.

Nature trip in Central America

The deep volcanic craters, green rainforest and roaring waterfalls form a nature so magnificent that it can well take your breath away. When you travel to Central America, feel free to screw up expectations for the extremely beautiful landscape. The lush surroundings should probably impress you.

Nature is not only beautiful, but also packed with experiences. With zipline, cable cars and suspension bridges, you can travel around the treetops of Central America. Both rainforest, mountain ranges and inactive volcanoes have trekking trips in all levels and along the water’s edge you can sail in a kayak, dive and snorkel with colorful corals and turtles.

Experiences in Central America

Sky walk

A journey through the foggy forest of Central America is completely unique. In Monteverde National Park, you can pull along the high-hanging bridges. It’s like walking across the sky with the whole of Central America at your feet.

The view of the lush rainforest is completely different when you enjoy it from above the treetops. The tropical climate creates the best setting for a varying diversity, with over 90,000 species of plants growing.


South America’s Latin rhythms and colorful street parties are also spreading through the Central American countries. If you want to swing your hips with locals, there is plenty of opportunity for that on your Central America trip.

Carnival came to Central America with colonial times, where the Portuguese brought the festivities with them. Some believe that carnival is a celebration of spring, while others believe that it is a symbol of transitions.

Coffee plantations

When you travel in Central America, you go through the “bean belt” – a stretch across the earth, where coffee plants have the best conditions to grow. Therefore, you can get really close to the production.

You are literally going to follow in the footsteps of the beans in Central America. At the coffee plantations, you have the opportunity to experience how the fair trade coffee you drink in Denmark is made in Central America.

Travel to Central America

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