Topshop Loves Glitter (And Inspirations Also)

I love the glitter, the glitter and the glitter. Although I know that it is a double-edged weapon: If you combine it well have safe award, as if it were a Jackpot. But one false step and you have a disastrous styling, almost of Carnival. I like the risk, this is why I love the new collection of Topshop shoes, where is this material the protagonist.

But, what my eyes see? go! I already said that those boots to the fashion cowboy I remembered another … Yes, are a clear clone (or inspiration) as you prefer to call it to the last year signed by Giuseppe Zanotti. Except for the place the zipper and the color of each, look like two drops of water. Although the price of the latter carries more zeros normal & #8230;

But it is not the only model where the color silver by way of glitter decorate the shoe. In these infinite heel booties this metallic colour is mixed with the darker side of black … accept inspiration from the glitter of? Miu Miu? Or is that I’m very badly designed and? There is nothing of clone in these models?