Top 5 Cities in Arkansas

Arkansas is a state located in the south-central region of the United States, bordered by Missouri, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma and the Mississippi River. Its capital and largest city is Little Rock. Arkansas has a population of 3 million people and covers an area of 53,179 square miles. It is known for its natural beauty, with the Ozark Mountains in the northwest corner of the state and the Ouachita Mountains running through its center.

The state’s economy is primarily based on agriculture, forestry and mining. The poultry industry is a major employer in Arkansas, with chicken processing plants located throughout the state. Rice production is also important to Arkansas’s economy, with over half of all rice produced in the United States coming from Arkansas farms. Tourism is also an important industry in Arkansas; it has several national parks including Hot Springs National Park and Buffalo National River.

Arkansas has a humid subtropical climate with hot summers and mild winters. The average temperature ranges from 70°F (21°C) in July to 44°F (7°C) in January. It receives around 50 inches (1270mm) of precipitation annually with most occurring during summer months.

Arkansas was admitted to the Union as a slave state on June 15th 1836 but abolished slavery before it became part of the United States in 1863 after ratifying the Thirteenth Amendment to abolish slavery nationwide. After Reconstruction ended following the Civil War, white Democrats regained power through Jim Crow laws that disenfranchised most African Americans until after World War II when civil rights activism brought about reforms that enabled African Americans to regain their voting rights and other civil liberties.

Today Arkansas enjoys a diverse culture which includes Native American tribes such as Quapaw Tribe of Oklahoma and Cherokee Nation; descendants of French settlers who arrived in 18th century; descendants of African slaves brought by early settlers; Irish immigrants who came to work on railroads during 19th century; Hispanics who have been living in southwestern part since late 19th century; recent immigrants from Asia; and many others who make their home here today.

Top 5 Cities in Arkansas

According to, major cities in Arkansas include:

Little Rock

Little Rock is the capital and most populous city of Arkansas. It is located in the central part of the state along the Arkansas River. The city has a population of just over 198,000 people, making it one of the largest cities in Arkansas. Little Rock is home to some of Arkansas’ most iconic landmarks, including the William J. Clinton Presidential Library and Museum and the Old State House Museum. The city also boasts an array of cultural attractions, such as performing arts venues, museums, galleries and historic districts. Little Rock’s vibrant nightlife includes a variety of bars, clubs and restaurants for all tastes.


Fayetteville is a city located in Northwest Arkansas with a population of around 87,000 people. The city is known for its college town atmosphere as it is home to the University of Arkansas flagship campus. Fayetteville offers visitors plenty to do including its downtown square which features restaurants and shops as well as art galleries and other attractions. Additionally, there are many outdoor activities available such as hiking trails on Mount Kessler or fishing at Beaver Lake.

Fort Smith

Fort Smith is located along the Arkansas-Oklahoma border with a population of around 86,000 people. It was founded in 1817 as part of Indian Territory and has grown into an important center for business and industry in western Arkansas today. Fort Smith offers visitors plenty to do from exploring its historic downtown district to visiting its many parks or taking part in outdoor activities like fishing or canoeing on one of its two rivers – Poteau or Lee Creek – that flow through town.


Jonesboro is located in northeastern Arkansas with a population of nearly 73,000 people making it one of the largest cities in the state outside Little Rock area. Jonesboro offers visitors plenty to do from visiting museums like Bradbury Art Museum or shopping at Mall at Turtle Creek to enjoying outdoor activities like fishing or boating on Craighead Forest Lake or participating in events like Jonesboro’s annual balloon race held each springtime at Craighead Forest Park .

Hot Springs

Hot Springs is located in southwestern Arkansas near Ouachita National Forest with a population around 37,000 people making it one of the smaller cities on this list but still an important tourist destination due to its natural hot springs which offer therapeutic benefits for those looking to relax their body and mind while enjoying nature’s beauty all around them . Hot Springs also offers visitors plenty more attractions such as Garvan Woodland Gardens , Magic Springs Theme & Water Park , Bathhouse Row Historic District , Oaklawn Racing & Gaming , mid-America Science Museum , Hot Springs Mountain Tower , beautiful lakeside views from Lake Hamilton , plus much more.

Top 5 Cities in Arkansas

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