Thus Sneaked The Feminism in The Goya Awards 2017

We are accustomed to the Goya Awards ceremony to be a place for the claims, to protest injustices and to draw attention to the problems of cinema and today.

But in addition, this year have been on our heels, they have demanded the presence of more women on the screen and behind her, we found women who are all a reference point in their profession and with more feminism than ever. But also with this end result: 28 winning front men and seven women. Much remains to be done.

The feminist Cuca Escribano shawl

We saw the same red carpet the first claim to the hand of the actress. A message that does not sound to anything new, because we have months seeing fight of Hollywood actresses to get more female presence in the film and even I have spoken in this article of the Geena Davis Institute to fight gender difference on the big screen. And yesterday was Cuca scribe who reminded us that there is still that inequality in the industry. It was not the only one who objected to the topic. Candela Peña did so before the gala and requested more female presence on the big screen before the microphones.

Davi Rovira was in our heels

“I don’t know how aguantáis it”. The heels are a metaphor for much more and was a detail from the presenter, trying to put in the place of her companions and also dedicate a few words to this injustice that still continues in the 21st century.

Please click our heels is not only have the chance of being a tooth on the stage, is also to recognize that women always going to be a little more difficult than they: “I admire, until they don’t spend five hours you not carry shoes in hand, I in five minutes will have teeth on the ground.” Why I wear high heels? To put on your shoes, each year is claimed to be the same each year is necessary, claim the role of women in all positions of the society and must above all, should continue claiming that women in positions of decision-making. In the film they continue to lack women who make movies, with women, for women, for everyone… And although this year the data have improved and are even a little, there is still much difference.”

References as Sandra Hermida Muñiz, the Director of production of a monster comes to see me

The Goya was the best direction of production. And also all our admiration. Women like her, who are struggling to achieve their dreams, that are uploaded to a stage to collect a Grand Prix with poise and serenity (as the director of the film, Bayonne, wept questions) are the best reference for every generation that comes behind it, an example to follow, the mirror in which look.

The great moment of Ana Belen

Could not miss it. The great Honoree of the evening. But also a woman who has always lived in defending their ideals and who has fought injustice, even when still was an extravagance demonstrate or protest.

And of course, he could not shut in this gala and this great opportunity which took in the scene. Your opinion about inequality in the seventh art and above why it costs so much that they recognize the merits of women It was high and clear: “even in a liberal and open profession like ours. I know that we are better than 50 years ago, but escapes me the reason why is still so few women in movies, I think that if they do not lack to interpret those women who appear in the films they would not lack or which are. Although in recent years there have been many additions, they are still well below what is desirable so that there is equality”.