The Secrets of The Famous to Withstand Heels

Each new season it seems that the high heels are made more infinite, wide platform with or without a needle but extremely high heels, few are those who endure those heels during an entire night without suffering its consequences.

Good account of it have the famous with both Premiere and red carpet so they have no choice but who know all the tricks to endure hours and hours without losing his composure. Although no wonder that some opt for flat shoes as did the Nice actress Diane Kruger at Venice festival.

The American brand Foot Petals It is taken in our country, and as slogan used a very appealing sentence although it need not be certain “ the secret of Hollywood stars “, is a brand of templates, pads … designed exclusively for the care and beauty of the feet.

At first look cute flower, cloud-shaped or patterned cats what I do not know if they will be as effective in monkeys. Pads and reinforcements that fulfilled the same function can be found in many shoemakers, that itself not as sophisticated.