Sponsored Post: the Charming Comfort of Basics

The downside of an end to a prolonged weekend is the following week, huh? You come out of a week short of 3 days, going on the weekend and when it will used to cinch †, arrives Monday to play 5 business days in the face. That’s why, more than ever, the posts today aims to try to soften this thud of sequel, letting her lighter and hot for all of us that Brazil workers (or not).

Monday we launched a new tradition here on the blog with the column “Achadões of the week”, but today I wanted to start the day with a look (calm that the achadões comes later). I wanted to start with that look simply because I think he’s perfect for a day like today.

When you think of more comfortable clothing that you have in your closet, what’s on your mind? Can be any piece of clothing without exception. In my appear two categories. The first is called “stay at home”, that blouse tension, hottie, with short shorts or sweatpants pants of SWEATSUIT, you know? The second category is the “Academy”: shoes, leggings, sweater Cardigan.

Is there anything hotter to use than all that? Imagine if you could go to work like that? Looks like the sequel would be hotter if you could take the blouse and sweatpants work?

Yes. Today’s post is just to say: can. Just choose the right blouse, sweatshirt right, the right shoes. So, let’s go get them.

Starting with the SWEATSUIT. Instead of running shorts or pants, I chose a pencil skirt from SWEATSUIT. As hot as any of the first two, but much more tidy and charming. The length is super suitable pro professional environment and the stripes help give interessância pro look.

Another nice detail? We have replaced a more formal bag, a backpack (well more hot load, their backs are grateful). But, instead of those nylon super sports black, wore a sweatshirt, grey, also advanced, unobtrusive and far more charming.

At the top, I used the blouse. That spring, hottie, with climate of hug. But it has to be good, no shirt use that old with holes. It has to be a t-shirt that fall well, with nice design and perfect finish. And, especially, one that does not shrink and is over in one piece when you put in the wash.

I really like basico.com t-shirts because they are tasty too, but especially because they last. By the fact that they use the Pima cotton as a raw material for all the shirts, they do not form balls even after many washings. You know that I choose the finger the staff announcing here on the blog and they really are a very nice and very good thing and beautifully simple.

A very important thing to keep things tidy is the “third part”. The third piece is a great trick to make the face look more complete, more thought-out, you know? And, of course, more formal and suitable for the job.

He may be a lightweight Cardigan, a kimono, a recess calling him Jacques strap. I chose a short Cardigan with a fabric and cut more structured, but still really good and comfortable.

To finish, a shoe with plenty of personality. We’re not talking about tennis Academy. Remembering: the idea is to be ultra comfortable, with a look more composed. So, here, the idea is to use a tennis with a footprint a little more fashion.

I chose the classic tall Rebook, in blue, red and white because I thought I had everything to do with footprint navy skirt and a cute way to insert a color look more neutral. But, if tennis is very informal pro your professional environment, just change the shoes for another shoe more tidy: an oxford, a shoe, or a thick little jump.

And ready! Ready to face the sequel in the comfort of the sweatshirt, t-shirt and sneakers.