Special Shoes: The Most Desirable Summer 2011

Eva Herzigova at the Festival de Cannes 2011
The shoes It is one of the weaknesses that many share. If we count the pairs of shoes we have in Shoemaker insurance which more than one would be surprised with the results of the neighbor. There is real anger with the shoe when it comes to shopping.

Each season there are different models that are more than others. Trends vary by small adjustments but a time to this part, there are so many alternatives that is even difficult to choose what is not fashionable. Most importantly go comfortable and maintain a, then is the rest. Especially with the shoes: by very beautiful that if I destroy foot why me will I them put?

Jezebel began a special shoes to see what are the This season fashion models, What are the Favorites of the famous and the streetstylers, what marks proponents us and even with what we go party.