Sigtuna Travel Guide

The idyllic Sigtuna is steeped in history. Sigtuna is a historical cultural site near the Swedish capital, Stockholm. Founded in the 9th century on the shores of Lake Mälaren, Sigtuna is one of Sweden’s oldest towns.


An atmospheric small town steeped in history

Pittoreski Sigtuna, with a population of 8,000, is a popular travel destination that was an important administrative and commercial center in the early Middle Ages. Along with Lund, Sigtuna , one of Sweden ’s oldest cities, is only 40 km from Stockholm.

Sigtuna exudes a medieval atmosphere with narrow streets and colorful wooden houses from the 18th and 19th centuries. The town plan has remained almost unchanged for a thousand years.

The city is especially known for its runic stones, reminiscent of the Viking Empire. Medieval churches and beautiful castles are also worth a visit.

An atmospheric small town steeped in history

Good destination for all seasons

Sigtuna, as elsewhere in Sweden, has a very similar climate to Finland. Due to the weather, summer is the best time to travel, but you can travel to the city all year round.

The idyll of a medieval town is charming

Sigtuna is not only an interesting historical site, without a doubt one of the most charming small towns in Sweden. Sigtuna is like straight from the pages of a travel guide; everything in the city is clean, well maintained and cozy.

It’s not hard to believe the claim that Elsa Beskow’s beloved tales take place in Sigtuna, where the author often visited. The environment is like created for Aunt Brown, Aunt Green and Aunt Blue Red.

The city of fairy tales is a treasure trove for a cultural tourist

If you are interested in the history of the city and the area, you should head to the Sigtuna City Museum. The museum tells about the highlights of the history of the place, and presents the findings made in archaeological excavations.

Those who like Elsa Beskow’s fairy tales should deviate from Tant Bruns Kaffestuga, or Aunt Brown’s café. The café is one of the oldest in Sweden and is housed in an old wooden house. Fresh pastries and coffee served on the tables raise the water to the tongue.

The city is at its most atmospheric under Christmas. A Christmas market will be held in Sigtuna, when the city’s main street, Stora gatan, and the city square will be filled with market stalls. The stalls sell, for example, handicrafts, Christmas decorations and various delicacies.



Good transport connections from Stockholm

Sigtuna is about an hour’s drive from Stockholm. The easiest way is to hop on a local train from Stockholm Central Station, Central Station, to Märsta and continue from Märsta by local bus to Sigtuna.

Stockholm can be reached from Helsinki and Turku by Viking Line and Silja Line ships. Many airlines fly from Helsinki to Stockholm several times a day. There is a direct bus service from Arlanda Airport to Sigtuna.

Great setting in a city hotel

Sigtuna is a good day trip destination, but those staying longer can stay at Sigtuna Stads Hotell, Sweden’s smallest five-star design hotel. In the hotel’s prestigious restaurant, you should visit for lunch or afternoon tea. Several Bed & Breakfast-style venues also offer accommodation.

I walked along the old streets

Sigtuna is small and the attractions close to each other, so walking is the easiest way to move from place to place.

Situated on the shores of Lake Mälaren, the town is also a popular sailing destination and there is space in the guest harbor.



Steningen Castle

When visiting Sigtuna, you should also visit the nearby Steningen Castle. The spectacular castle was once designed by the same architect who designed the Royal Palace in Sweden.

In the courtyard surrounding the castle there is also a stone fence built in 1873, inside which you will find a factory shop, a café-restaurant and a regularly changing art exhibition. The factory shop sells, for example, handmade glassware, ceramics and textiles.

Steningen Castle hosts Sweden’s largest indoor Christmas market every year.

Runic stones

As monuments to the Viking Empire, many runic stones can be found in the Sigtuna area. There are an estimated 150 stone passages decorated with runic inscriptions in the municipality, which is more than anywhere else in Sweden.

Runestones can even be found right in the city center of Sigtuna. These about ten runestones can be navigated using the runicstone map available from the tourist information.

Medieval churches

One of the most notable buildings in Sigtuna is St. Mary’s Church, Mariakyrka, completed in 1255. The Dominican monks did a thorough and good job in building the church, for the church is still in its original form to this day. St. Mary’s Church is the oldest building in Sigtuna still in use.

However, there are still older apparitions of St. Mary’s Church in the city. The gray-stone church ruins of St. Per, St. Lars and St. Olof are located right in the city center and are believed to have stood still since the 12th and 13th centuries.



The best attractions in Sigtuna

1. Runic stones
2. Steningen Castle
3. St. Mary’s Church
4. Sigtuna City Museum
5. Skokloster Castle

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