Sights of Wellington, New Zealand

According to Bridgat, Wellington is located in the southern part of New Zealand’s North Island. The city is named after the duke of the same name and is the capital of New Zealand. The city is filled with culture but also has a vibrant nightlife. Due to its location on the water, Wellington is sometimes referred to as Windy City. The center of the city has a fairly modern and trendy appearance. Nevertheless, many old neighborhoods and historic buildings have been preserved. Wellington is also known for its museums and various music festivals. The New Zealand city also has one of the largest natural harbors in the world. Impressive ferries depart from here regularly to the South Island.

Wellington ‘s Top 10 Attractions

#1. Tongarewa Park

Te Papa Tongarewa is a well-known museum where you can learn everything about the history of New Zealand and the associated culture. You can find the museum on the edge of downtown on Cable Street. You should definitely not miss this attraction when you are in Wellington. It is an interactive museum in which you can learn everything about the Maori way of life and various art objects from this time. The simulator lets you feel what it’s like to experience an earthquake. The museum has no less than 6 different floors with interesting exhibitions about Asian art, but also a real rainforest.

#2. Wellington Cable Car

If you want to see the city from a different angle, then using the Wellington Cable Car is highly recommended. This is a Swiss-made funicular and dates from 1902. You can go all the way up from the Lambton Quay area where you end up at the Kelburn Terminal. Along the way you will be treated to beautiful views and you will have a good view of Port Nicholson. If you want to use the Cable Car cable car, you have to take into account a ride of about 5 to 6 minutes. You don’t have to wait long for that because the Wellington Cable Car departs every 10 minutes.

#3. Zealandia

If you are a lover of nature and animals, you should definitely visit Zealandia. You can find this hotspot in the center of the city of Wellington and is also called the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary. Zealandia is a project that simulates the jungle. You can take beautiful walks here on the designated paths, but you can also deviate from this and follow your own route. Zealandia is full of special animals and native bird species. Zealandia is a sight worth seeing if you are in the center of Wellington.

#4. Wellington Botanic Gardens

The Wellington Botanic Gardens can be found on the hills around Mount Victoria. These gardens are very popular among the locals, but tourists also find the Botanic Gardens one of the most beautiful sights of Wellington. The gardens have existed since 1844 and are home to an abundance of trees and plants of exotic origin. People also come here to enjoy the beautiful view. From the Botanic Garden you look out over the bay of Wellington, but also over the center. You can also take various walks within the botanical gardens, enjoying special flowers and animal species along the way.

#5. Beehive

Beehive is the nickname for the Lambton Quay building. This is the home of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. The name owes the building to the special architecture. It has the appearance of a beehive. The remarkable building is perfect for taking beautiful photos. The building was designed by Sir Basil Spence. Construction started in 1969, with final completion only in 1980. Beehive also contains a restaurant. This one bears the name Bellamy’s. Here you can not only enjoy a tasty meal, but you can also do so in the presence of members of parliament. The adjacent pink library is also worth a visit.

#6. Cuba Street District

The Cuba Street District is located in the center of Wellington city. This street is car-free, which means that you can enjoy a nice walk here without any worries. The street is home to many nice boutiques and shops. Restaurants, cafes and other eateries can also be found here. Cuba Street is the most famous street of this New Zealand city. The locals also like to stay here. A perfect trip if you want to combine a day of shopping with a tasty lunch, a refreshing drink or an extensive dinner.

#7. Wellington Museum

The historical museum about the city of Wellington is the Wellington Museum. This used to be called the Museum of City & Sea. It is located in the Bond Store. This building dates from 1892 and is designed in the French Second Empire style. The museum tells the story of Wellington from the time the Maori settled here, through its maritime history, to Wellington’s development during the period as a capital. Movies about the city are shown on a huge cinema screen that extends over the ground, first and second floors.

#8. The Weta Cave

On the island of Miramar you can visit The Weta Cave. Here you can visit the locations that you also see in the films of Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia and The Hobbit, among others. During your visit to Miramar you get a unique look behind the scenes. In addition, you witness a real film production live and you can even have your photo taken with famous figures from the fantasy films.

#9. City Gallery Wellington

If you are a fan of modern art, you should definitely visit the City Gallery in Wellington. This museum can be found at the Te Ngakau Civic Square. The City Gallery Wellington hosts a variety of visual art and design exhibitions. Architecture is also widely discussed here. Another name for the City Gallery building in Wellington is Te Whare Toi. This in memory of the Maori. The museum does not have permanent exhibitions, so the range is always interesting and varied.

#10. Mount Victoria Lookout

The Mount Victoria Lookout gives you a beautiful view of the center of Wellington, the associated harbors and the green surroundings. Mount Victoria is a mountain of almost 200 meters high that is located on the edge of the center. You can reach the viewpoint by bike, but you can also use the well-known cable car Cable Car for a ride up. Of course you can visit the lookout on Mount Victoria during the day, but this is also possible in the evenings. You can then enjoy a spectacular sunset.

Wellington, New Zealand

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