S.O.S! How Glad to Not Be Celebrity and Having to Look like Shoes…

The obsession of every fashion victim is the always look new shoes. The firms know this and launch, collection after collection, innovative models so we let us remain breathless and speechless. But sometimes the designers forget that the shoe should be comfortable and wearable and Let go your imagination even to unsuspected extremes… Create models that look like anything but what they are: shoes. One sees them and thinks ‘ what noses will be that …? ‘, and Miss stone to discover its function. Because if you put their proposals, it is likely that at least you break a foot (and thanks).

The heels are a easy target: they acquire forms, objects to be they forget about them.  But they are designed for hours and hours? Clearly is not, then my question would worth to create a collection that very (very) few ‘ lucky ‘ look particularly? It seems Yes…

Long life to the King

When we speak of rare footwear, There are different and striking a designer that comes to the mind directly: the brilliant and flamboyant Alexander McQueen. Everybody was surprised with your model Armadillo: a kind of loot, a unbeatable platform that created a foot-shaped optical effect. I do not even imagine what they thought the tops to see semajante model! Who can forget them?

But it also is the creator of this other model very resorted by Lady Gaga (I believe it was the only in daring to put them) in his music video ‘ Bad Romance ‘. Does it represent which noses? A skeleton? Better not ask & #8230;

But if we must talk about amazing models at the same time that inllevables, rare and, why not say, ugly noses are famous Guo Pei: few celebrities have dared to take them and has been the star for fashion editorials.


Tell me what you do & #8230;

United Nude It was born of the merger of its co-founding the architect Reem D. Koolhaas with the English Shoemaker Galahad JD Clark tired of seeing always the same in fashion wanted to create timeless models, and has one feature in particular: the architectural forms.

No doubt 2010 was the year for this company who decided to try their luck with that of the capsule collections and thanks to the designer clothing IRIS Van Herpen released this model that caused furor among bloggers such as ‘ The Fashiontoast ’. Viewing the model in question I don’t understand who would pay more than € 500 in a model a nightmare and impractical. And it is that sometimes the fashion, not understand tastes.

This year they have returned to work together and released a model in a way similar to the above but full of chains. Do not try to pass a control at the airport with them jobs, you pitarás all over!


The heel, an easy target

For many designers the decorate the heel It is the easiest way to differentiate themselves from others. Does not involve much work (only a great idea, which is not easy) and voilà! Karl Lagerfeld took away all the classicism to black sandals with one gun as a heel. The ideal shoe for bank robbers … imagining what should cost only can say: this is a robbery!

Christian Dior designed in the 2009 These sandals with a human figure (female) in silver. What will be the next thing?

But if what we want is to talk about glamour must look at Black Hall of Alberto Guardian. For the lovers of the red lipstick This is your shoe. It is better for you to be addicted to makeup, the rouge of your lipstick and everything else but would is not a little too much this model?

Unpronounceable name, signature Camilla Skovgaard has designed this booty playing with our eyes: the full fringe heel It seems that they float in the air … how I am glad not to be celebrity and have to get them for ‘ obligation & #8216!;!

And more laborious is this other model signed by Nicholas Kirkwood. As if a carved wood were, this shoe will be part of the worst nightmares for many & #8230;


Makin’ & #8230 magic;

Can not complete post without one of the images that more laps to die the world: platform shoes of Antonio Berardi and the lack of his heel. Yes, you read correctly, and worst of all is that many celebrities such as Victoria Beckham lucierone ste model. Today, I wonder how it was girls who wore them, would go all the time on tiptoe?