Norway Destinations

Norwegian cities will greet the colors of the country on National Day, May 17th.

For a city break in Oslo

Oslo offers good shopping opportunities, quality hotels and restaurants, as well as a tour of the city’s cultural sites. The city is located at the bottom of the Oslo Fjord, and the maritime spirit brings to the spirit of Oslo the gentle closeness to nature and the small-town nature – would not believe that it is the capital of 580,000 inhabitants.

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Oslo is a popular destination for cultural travelers. The new opera house right on the edge of the fjord is already worth seeing alone. In addition, the city’s numerous art museums offer many world-famous landmarks, most perhaps Edvard Munch’s Shout.

Oslo’s main street, Karl Johans Gate, is very reminiscent of Helsinki’s Esplanade. The busy street starts at the main train station and ends at the Royal Palace. Along it you will find brand shops, cafes, restaurants and hotels.

However, those looking for good food and comfortable places to spend the evening should head a little from the main street, to the old dock area of ​​Aker Brygge. The area has a new look and delights with its quality restaurants and cozy terraces.

Aker Brygge also houses the Nobel Peace Center, which tells the history of the annual Peace Prize in Oslo and the Nobel Prize winners from the very first winners to Ahtisaari and Obama.

Wooden houses in Bergen

Bergen is an old Hanseatic city, in the center of which, right at the bottom of the fjord, you can still feel the spirit of the past. Bryggen, Bergen’s old town, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its wooden houses and small alleys invite you to explore old Norway with its fishermen and fish restaurants – nowadays, of course, applied to tourists.

Situated on the shores of the North Sea, Bergen is also a good base for memorable mountain trips.

Art Nouveau in Ålesund

The specialty of the city of Ålesund is its common Art Nouveau architecture. The entire center was destroyed in a great fire in 1904. The center was completely rebuilt according to the plans of the young architects of its time, resulting in a unique center complex.

Today, Ålesund gathers tourists from all over the world who stop in the city just to admire its special look. You will see the most beautiful scenery over the entire picturesque city as you climb up Aksla Hill.

The oil city of Stavanger

Stavanger is called the oil capital of Norway which is abbreviated as NOR by abbreviationfinder. However, the appearance of a city of less than 120,000 inhabitants is far from an industrial concentration. Efforts have been made to preserve the old in the protected wooden house blocks in the center.

Stavanger’s attractions include several interesting art museums, but also the Norwegian Oil Museum, where the oil history that has raised Norway’s wealth can be explored in an extensive exhibition. The topic is covered in a form that is also interesting to the layman, and visitors can climb a miniature version of the oil rig, among other things.

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Norwegian fjords are a must see

The Geiranger Fjord and the Nærøyfjorden are Norway’s most famous fjords. Both are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The nature of the fjord amazes even the most hardened tourist – the views are breathtaking.

Other beautiful fjord areas are the Sognefjord and Lysefjord areas. The fjords cross the Norwegian coast, pushing up to 200 kilometers inland. The sea air smells of Viking land everywhere.

It’s a good idea to set aside time to travel in the fjord areas: the roads are small, speed limits are low and travel is often interrupted by ferry legs. However, car holidays in Norway are rewarding and it is easy to travel to Norway from Finland, either via Lapland or driving through Sweden. Car rental in Norway is on average the same price as in Finland.

The most beautiful sea voyage in the world

Hurtigruten, on the other hand, offers views of Norway from the sea. Called the most beautiful sea in the world, the voyage runs from Bergen to the northernmost Norway to Kirkenes. You can travel with you either all the way or just for shorter stages.

In the past, Hurtigruten was the main connection of many coastal villages to the outside world and even the only means of transport in the most difficult areas. Today, ships are populated by tourists in love with Norway.


The towns and colorful wooden houses on the shores of the fjords make the Norwegian landscape unique. According to countryaah, Norway is a country located in north Europe.

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The most beautiful fjords

  1. Geiranger Fjord – A UNESCO site of permafrost, alpine-style mountain peaks
  2. Nærøyfjorden – Waterfalls and ice-covered plains, UNESCO site
  3. Sognev Fjord – Norway’s longest and deepest fjord
  4. Trondheim Fjord – The year-round ice-free fjord provides a home for more than 90 species of fish
  5. Oslo Fjord – A couple of hours on a fjord cruise, you can also see the capital from a different perspective

Rapping activities in Norway

  1. Rafting on the rivers
  2. Fishing in the North Sea
  3. Hiking on glaciers
  4. Canoeing in the fjords
  5. Downhill skiing in the mountains

The most interesting cities

  1. Oslo
  2. Bergen
  3. Trondheim
  4. Stavanger
  5. Ålesund

A five-month journey in five minutes

Norwegian Rustad Media compiled a video of Norway’s stunning scenery. The video was shot over a 15,000-kilometer journey lasting five months and introduces Norway from the southernmost tip of the country to the Russian border.

For the five-minute video, the film crew took tens of thousands of photographs. According to the authors, the purpose of the video is to show viewers the diversity of the country from lunch from deep fjords to northern moon-like landscapes, northern lights and Norwegian cities.

The video is full of hazy mountain scenery, creeping waterfalls, sympathetic cities, spectacular sunsets and of course breathtaking northern lights. At the latest, the mountain cloud seas make you plan a trip to Norway.

Watch a great video of the Norwegian landscape and fall in love!

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