Lesrn to Wear the Biker Boots

When a piece is comfortable you can not resist and bring it to the ladies closet, right? This is the case of the biker boot. The model has been part of the motorcycle rider’s look for decades but has fallen on the graces of the fashionistas to become the footwear of the time. It is not complicated to wear, it is super comfortable and a great piece to leave your sneakers at home from time to time.

Brand Models and Tips

The biker boots are making success because it is differential in the details.They always have the rounded beak, thick and low and broad jumps.Inside they are very loose and so comfortable that the bikers use them for hours without problems.This feature was maintained, only adding more items in the visual.

While theirs is leather and perhaps with some accessories on the side, the female biker boot is full of details, a little thinner in the barrel to fit the delicacy of the woman’s calf.The jump of both is of the same height, never of high heels.

Taking advantage of the fashion wave Zara (one of the most complete stores in terms of covering styles of the market) would never leave this trend out, would it?Their models are well styled and with many metallized or neutral details, but always with little pampering in the visual.Prices range from $ 150 to $ 700.

The classic and simplistic perhaps more like the models of the Arezzo collection. The brand always treasures much more in the details in leather than external items so the leather is worked but out a lightweight buckle only. They are much more similar to the original masculine style. Prices range from $ 200 to $ 600.

A tip for the fashions: take a walk on Santa Lolla. This is the brand of youth and inspiration totally different from the classic. The collection remains in well-known models but with its personal touch to even sigh. And look what beautiful models in the photos below! The price is more inviting: from $ 100 to $ 300.

How to Wear Boot Biker?Looks

In fact it is easier to list with what you can not use the biker boot:there is no restriction. You will not find a fashionista, fashion critic, columnist or a modern fashion designer who says a combination is not possible with this or any other type of footwear. Therefore, there is no mistaking it, but we have some legal suggestions.

In jeans

There is nothing that does not fit with jeans and with the biker boot the rule holds true.It can be any type of pants, whether colored or neutral, but some tips can help to further improve your look.

  • Want to look taller or have bigger legs?Wear pants and boots of the same color.
  • Avoid wide-mouth models like pantaloons
  • Need not match the bag.The feet can stand out without problems being not the same color as any accessory as well.

And since we’re talking about pants, do not forget your leather pants. It still has not gone out of fashion and tone on tone is very cool in winter fashion.

With skirt or dress

There is no long- sleeved biker boot .They are always short and so think of the same looks that I would wear with any short boot.If you thought of dresses as irreverence, differential and daring hit squares.Even silk dresses can match well, but it takes a little more production like a denim jacket, colored pantyhose or something that shows your idea is to be different anyway.

Some cool tips are:

  • You do not have to wear pants of the same color as your dress or purse.You dare!
  • Mixing trends is fashionable.Her floral dress is the face of winter but with a ‘heavy’ touch on her feet she gets super funky.

With shorts

With or without colored pantyhose this combination is a jovial and fashionable hint.Who loves a lot are the English because they love anything that reminds punk and know very well the importance of combining boots with metallic accessories.

Using with shorts there is no restriction: it can be either day or night .The cool thing is to enjoy the fashion footwear and think of combinations for the ballad.You’re sure to get compliments.

Please note:

  • Nothing sports sock.Or wear pantyhose or nothing.
  • Short shorts with boots can make you taller!

With legging

Just like sneakers, short and medium-length boots are a great combination with your classic legging this footwear as well.Valley in summer fashion with thinner pants and in winter with a closed composition with coats, scarf and other items to protect.

Then you can think: but what about the blouse?It’s okay to be a classic income or a social one , but opt ​​for longer models.The more stripped down your combination the better, the shoes ask for it.Enjoy your shirt with phrases, sweaters for some time despised in the closet and pieces without much apparent utility but with casual style.


  • Black legging looks good with everything and allows prints on the blouse
  • Leather Jackets with Boot Biker:Perfect Match!

The most popular models on the market are black and brown biker boot, but there are some unconventional colored variations. To get more use stay with the classics, so combine with everything and become a piece to use in several years. Leather in these colors never go out of style, but colorful shoes yes.