Learn to Use and Abuse New Trend from Bota Branca

Fashion between the 60’s and 80’s, the white boot is the new bet for the fall-winter this year.The item that is making head of celebrities, b-loggers and fashionistas gained greater visibility during the São Paulo Fashion Week of 2017.Whether with high or short, high heel or not, footwear has the power to leave any look with a more modern face, say experts.In an interview with UOL, Brazilian blogger Camila Coelho said:

“The white boot leaves any production with a more fashionista face, fresh and cool.I love wearing jeans with a statement or dress.”

But to take a chance on this new trend without fear of making mistakes, we separate several looks for you to inspire and rage in the street style.

White Boot Models

The more traditional white boot models are the same as the boots of any other color: short barrel, high barrel and high heel.

But there are other styles that have gradually gained space, such as:

  • Medium Pitch
  • High heel
  • Over Knee
  • Ankle boot
  • Galocha

Short Pitch

One of the most popular white boot models today is the short barrel.And he has an influential adept, even to say that the return of this trend was thanks to her.It could not be anything more, no less than the model Kendall Jenner.

One of Kendall’s favorite ways to match this item is by wearing shoes along with a pair of jeans (usually with a folded bar) and tshirt.

Another widely used way to combine the item is completing the look with shorter pieces such as dresses, skirts and shorts.


A model that is usually more classic, in white color become the key piece of the look.Therefore, it is advisable to combine the footwear with pieces of neutral tones, such as the denim skirt from the photo below.

One of the celebrities that likes this trend with the highest is the singer Ariana Grande.She has already appeared in several shows with the item and also repeated the shoes off the stage.Your favorite model is the one with half-paw heels.

With High Heels

The high-heeled shoes leave any look even more feminine and with the white boots is no different.They can be in the high-boots, short or medium boots and can be in the needle or sturdy (square) format.

Here you also check out one of the trends for the heels of boots with this coloration. Some of the models come with different color jumps or mirrored , as is the case of the example above.

How to Wear White Boot:Looks Tips

If even the fashion bloggers are afraid to bet on this new trend, imagine us.But the truth is that the white boot can be combined with almost everything.You can wear it there with jeans, dress, skirt and even shorts.The important thing is to remember that an item like this is always going to get a lot of attention, so balance the rest of the look.This is why it is common to see combinations with neutral parts or even monochrome assemblies.

With Dress / Skirt

One of the most common ways to combine the item is with skirt or dress.Usually with shorter versions, but also bets on a midi model.Here the height of the pipe also diverges.It can be over the knee , long, medium or short.It all depends on the length of the dress or skirt that you will wear.

In the case of dresses, a good request is to choose a piece of a single color or with a pattern of similar shades. If you are super tuned in fashion news and like to risk, it is worth completing your look with a t-shirt underneath the dress, as in the picture below.

For the skirts the rule is almost the same, do not abuse many different colors, so that the highlight is the boot.

With short

Another more casual way of combining the footwear is with a shorts.It could be jeans or tailoring, because the union with either of them looks amazing.

It’s not just with the jeans that Kendall Jenner likes to match her white boot. The model also matches with shorts of the same fabric. The formula is almost the same, but as Kendall loves to create new trends, here she used the destroyed style t-shirt.

But if you want to put on a more casual and error-free look, it’s better to bet on basic blouses, neutral shades, classic chess, perfect black and white duo and monochromatic looks.

With Pants / Jeans

Last but not least, there are combinations with jeans or tailoring.Here, almost all models are valid, except for the flare pants, which by hiding the shoe with the bar, is not very indicated.And at the time of the combination also everything is worth.You can wear it with a t-shirt, full jeans or a heavier cold coat.

If you’re wondering how you can use the white boot in a more formal way, the answer has come.Ideal for anyone who wants to use the item to go to work, for example, the combination with tailor’s pants has also won several supporters.

Admit it, you also twisted your nose into the white boots … I was afraid to look like Paquita, would not you?But the truth is that with so many beautiful combinations, it is impossible not to feel like using this new trend!