Jennifer Lopez Creates Footwear Line with Giuseppe Zanotti

After Beyoncé and Anja Rubik, the Italian designer is developing a capsule collection of shoes and accessories in partnership with the singer and actress. The beginning of the distribution kicks off at the beginning of 2017

Giuseppe Zanotti and Jennifer Lopez have come together to create a capsule collection footwear and accessories. The famous Italian shoe designer has joined forces with singer and actress to develop the line Giuseppe is Jennifer Lopez. In addition to boots opened with encrostados crystals, since you also have decorated slippers, sandals Gladiators in leather to imitate snake skin and two types of leather hand bags.

Available in stores from January 2017, the collection will be «like Jennifer, sexy, sophisticated and modern, but also fun» ensures Giuseppe Zanotti, a fan assumed the performer of hits like ‘ Get right ‘ and ‘ On the floor ‘. «Jennifer always inspired me. I love the way my shoes are based on her», adds the Italian. «Things eventually happen very naturally», 8 further.

‘ [The new collection] will be everything that people expect of us», promises the singer. «There will be high heels with forms defined and also have some brightness, of course», anticipates. Since, in 2001, launched the clothing line JLO by Jennifer Lopez who intended to develop a footwear label. For Giuseppe Zanotti, this type of collaboration is, however, far from being new. In 2015, created a line with Beyoncé and, in 2013, the Polish model Anja Rubik has created you a capsule collection.