Jaime Mascaro Autumn/Winter 2011 / 2012: We’Re Going on Holiday

Under the name of Party Night, Jaime Mascaro proposes a special line to look more stylish parties. Patent leather, velvet, suede and sequins are the materials that Mascaró you have chosen to give life to the most special designs created to accompany the women on most important evenings.

Rounded tips, classic stilettos, or delicate peep toe, on a wide range of possibilities designed to shine with their own light thanks to the Swarovski stones, the glitter (bright fabric) and the lace that you become a gem every shoe.


Swarovski large parts become the absolute protagonists and transform shoes into gems. Elegant peep toe suede with Fuchsia and grey as key tones, only broken by the sparkle of the stones, sewn in a completely handmade. Luxury and glamour at the hands of Mascaro, for the most special nights.

Essential black

It is the essential color to go with the more glamorous looks. A classic that the Menorcan Designer this season wanted to give an absolute role, by presenting it in completely clean lines and with heels of vertigo.

Patent leather, Python and fur mixed with details Swarovski are combined in the lines more dotted stilettos, in classic platforms of the peep toe or the new rounded shoe.


Special materials designed for women looking to mark the difference. And it is that if you wear a shoes like these, your feet will make the difference. Delicate lace covering the skin with aires lingerie or that they desestructuran completely to create laced gently covering the instep, but only on one side. A kind of game of masks brought the world of shoes.

This line also can find rustic velvets in eye-catching blue and green accompanied of loops XXL.


Red and purple assailants with strength in winter nights. Pure lines, not just concessions to ornaments, to give greater strength to the color. Skin care before for the most passionate colours and trays to bring light to the darker tones and recorded.

Punta Stilettos

Fashion always come back and the shoes will be back among us. Sharp lines that have become a must for the season and Mascaro presented in a variety of colors. Delicate before in red and Fuchsia ones give you the necessary touch to your look.

For the more daring, carved in gold glitter designs or sequin sewn double-sided. Proposals that do not like me because I see them over.