Is Go Chic and Comfortable Impossible? Not If You Choose Correctly The Shoe…

Go comfortable and chic they look like two words that can never be United in the same sentence. But it is not so. And today we demonstrate that by choosing the correct shoe You can go in vengeance unless your feet suffer and therefore last all day (and night) If you require it. Because although a heel it style leg and make the outfits most elegant or stylish, one will not always comfortable, and that in the end is a problem.

We must first of all be clear What is the event that we want to go, because no one won’t with the same styling to an appointment or dinner friends mountain. So once clear where are going the second step is the key choice of footwear. Yes, this time we’re going to wear starting with the feet (I always do so!).

An urban look

I love shoes oxford style. The only problem is that they are not always well with everything. Me personally I love as they are with wide baggy or Chinese-style pants. That Yes, because the garment does not brand anywhere try to find a part of above fitting so check me the body in some area (if not, we size up).

The perfect mountain and ideal

The Mountain looks are more cost me: never know where begin! And no, when I say mountain I don’t mean to climb the mountain dressed with my Chiruca. I am referring to mountain villages where There is the asphalt but their ups and downs make use heel a task almost impossible and of high risk to your ankles. That’s why calls Biker Boots they are a good way out. Combined with jeans are more than most.

My first appointment

What to be one first appointment but that seems to be Christmas Eve? Possibly here people disagree with me, but I am very pro type slippers shoes. That dandy touch combined with a feminine dress It seems to me that it is the perfect tandem. What do you think?

All night non-stop

You imagine going from? dinner with friends, then exit to take something to kill many of the morning with the whole feet? An impossible dream? Not if you choose good Footwear. I am that I’ll never have dinner with friends without heel (if I know that we will then have a drink). It is a hobby, but often my night is ended way ahead (and against my will) because of not choosing good Footwear. Best to avoid this to happen is to choose boots or wedge shoes. In this style have inspired me a little in the great Michael Jackson… Long life to the King! (And nights of revelry!)

What kind of? shoes use always?