Going Strong: Fluorine Shoes Flood The Streets

We have been saying it weeks ago, and we do not tire of repeating it: Yes, the neon lights are the most of this summer. And what better way to show off This trend treading with force? If I have previously shown the various models of bags signed by Cambridge Satchel Company, now I show you different proposals of shoes in these so showy hues. The problem is,?you dare? Combined with a simple outfit home to perfection.

From Jezebel We give you different keys and proposals so that you go to the last. The streets are flooding of eye-catching models: the yellow colour is the most used. The protagonist of a porter fashion mix trends without falling into the absurd or ridiculous. While her outfits are risky she has a not is what you carry it with grace and ease, do not you think?


Great finds in the street


Street style is the best thing: managed to give utility often to clothing in our closet that we believe have not output thanks to the inspiration of other unknown girls. Do you have some trousers XXL? Now you already know how to combine them! If not, you can inspire you in it

Black trousers, jacket of the same color, white t-shirt and model of Kandee in neon yellow. Do you like the end result?

The celebrities are also fans


Among celebrities has also caused sensation this trend: Sienna Miller not to show off their oxford of Christian Louboutin. This is one of her most celebrated outfits, what do you think?

Dress black ladylike peeptoes bracelet in yellow, and clutch in Fuchsia pink. Thus appeared the singer of Black Eyed Peas, Fergie, a couple of nights ago. You convinced?

Already available in store!


The two girls that we have shown with their street style had something in common: both wore shoes of the portal online Kandee. Orange, pink, lime or yellow for what you go?

In Topshop, as it could not be otherwise, continue this trend inside out: his sandals in lime green combined with navy blue are more chic I’ve seen in a long time. Your heel is transparent, do they like you?

Zara already have your version more cool: of Pink Fuchsia and camel these sandals are the most requested in each store.

And the version more high-level comes from the hand of Miu Miu and his collection Spring-summer 2011: I personally do not like anything anything.