Estela Loves Looks with Basic Pieces and High Heels

Our It Uses Few Prints And It Is Always Beautiful!

Carioca, 19, Estela has a clean and beautiful style! Adepta of few prints, our it rocks with croppeds and pieces that give prominence to the lap. She also loves jumping shoes, which, in her opinion, leave the production much more feminine.

How Do You Define Your Style?
I think I can define as stripped, stylish and with a rock footprint. I like to always be in high heels. I very much mix a destroyed pants with a thin heel, for example.

Is There Something You Would Never Use?
It’s never a very strong word hahaha. For now, there is nothing I can say I would never use.

What Is Indispensable In Your Look?
High jump, for sure!

Where Do You Like To Buy Your Clothes?
I like the brands Oh Boy !, Botswana and Afghan, are the ones I buy the most!

Who Is Your Favorite Girl And Why?
At the moment, I’m enjoying the looks of Thaila Ayala. They are stylish and have a sexy rock style.Love!

What Do You Do In Your Free Time?
I love traveling, going to restaurants and partying with my friends.

Favorite Beauty Products?
Bepantol, serves for everything you can imagine and is very good! Secondly, it would be a scrub for the face.

Already Made A Big Change In The Visual? Or Something You Consider Very Bold?
Yes! The first big change was when I cut my hair, which was at the waist, into a chanel. And with my hair short, I made a curly hair and painted the tips of blue. That was pretty bold! Hahaha.