Essential Solutions to Care for Your Feet from Chafing and Heels

Get good weather and our feet are released from the footwear closed and blistering, but this release is not always for the better, with its strips and their heels Sandals can also make your own and become a true torture.

I don’t know if it is that my feet are extremely sensitive but it is to get a pair of sandals and Wham, Gall the song, and now do not speak of impossible heels that I’m not very used.

But that panic in the market today we cannot find solutions to all these problems (it seems that I am not alone), here in Sweeping We show you an arsenal that can be you of more useful at this time of year so you do not withdraw to look fantastic and of course without suffering.

A stick in the bag

The Eucerin brand has a stick anti-ampollas of which are heard very good reviews, acting as a barrier between the skin and footwear.

You have to apply it in those areas where the footwear roza, but remember that is not a product to eliminate blisters.

Non-slip pads

The pads are ideal for prevent slippage feet at the same time making the foot feel more comfortable and not end up hurt us because of the heels.

We can find the Lady´s Secret brand with a price of 8 to 13 euros Depending on the size. Another option are the pads of signature Foot Petals, which has become indispensable for many celebrities as I already count on sweeping.

Gel patches

To prevent blisters hated another option rather than recommended are patches of gel to prevent slippage and washed easily for next use.

Mark Scholl found Party Feet (about 8 euros), more economical are the brand Essence, under the line Show Your Feet We show patches of gel and silicone for less than three euros.

Against blisters

Once the blister is already formed or skin rises the idel is placed a dressing to reduce pain and skin scars as soon as possible, making the effect of a second skin. Here there is almost infinite variety from the of Compeed, School, etc.. (about 5 euros container with 6 dressings)

We can also find creams that while we care for feet protect them us from the chafing of the skin thanks to the film that leaves on the skin. For example the protective foot cream of Pedi-Relax (7 euros).

As you can see the market it has great variety both to prevent and to treat, now just find a suitable footwear and look beautiful this summer to suffer as little as possible.