Entertainment and Attractions in Mayrhofen, Austria

Of particular interest is the Brandberg water mill near the Mühlbach stream, which was built in the 18th century and was used until the 50s. the last century. You can also visit one of the distilleries in the region, where you can learn about the origin of schnapps and try this drink, or even buy a liter or two. Continuing the culinary theme, it is worth going on an excursion to the Zillertal cheese factory (Hollenzen, 116). At 11 production sites with a total area of ​​6000 sq. m in the first cheese factory in Tyrol, open to visitors, guests will see how milk is processed and turned into cheese.

The Strasser Hausl manor is located near Hippach, in the Zillertal, with a charming old-fashioned atmosphere. It is interesting for its unusual story of the Strass children, who made the song “Silent Night, Holy Night” famous all over the world. More about this is told during a tour of the estate. See EDUCATIONVV.COM for education and training in Austria.

Against the background of the mountains, the high spire of the parish church of the Virgin Mary clearly looms. The church burned several times, its baroque interior dates back to the 18th century. Nearby is the oldest attraction of the resort – the Marienbrunn fountain, which has been regularly supplying the inhabitants of Mayrhofen with the purest alpine water for 7 centuries. Another fountain with the speaking name “Europe” appeared at the resort only in 1956. Its 6 jets falling into a stone bowl symbolize 6 states that in 1951 joined the European Coal and Steel Community.

From Mayrhofen railway station, you can take a retro journey on the Zellertal Railway, built in 1902, one of the oldest narrow gauge railways in operation (website in English). Puffing and puffing out puffs of steam, the locomotive pulls several red wagons behind it. Each passenger has the opportunity to look into the driver’s cab and choose a car to their liking: an open “cabriolet” or a “crystal car” with its own bar, decorated with 62,000 crystals and 68 Swarovski figurines. The speed is only 35 km / h, which allows you not only to feel like a nostalgic traveler, but also to admire the landscapes floating outside the window.

For outdoor enthusiasts, the resort offers mountain trails, guided climbing, horseback riding, paragliding, sledding, bowling, billiards, squash, hot air ballooning. There is a cinema, an “aqua-arena” (two pools with hydromassage and a waterfall, two water slides, several saunas and baths), outdoor skating rinks, indoor courts, discos.

4 things to do in Mayrhofen

  1. Having descended from the dizzying route number 34, buy a T-shirt with the proud inscription “I survived hara-kiri.”
  2. Taste the signature Zillertal beer in the famous Speak Easy bar.
  3. In the middle of winter, plunge into summer at the Erlebnisbad water park.
  4. Soar in a paraglider over the Zillertal Valley.

Mayrhofen for children

As a rule, from December to mid-March, an open skating rink is poured in Mayrhofen, which is located near the water park. There is also an artificial skating rink with an area of ​​1500 sq. m, where you can ride at a positive temperature. Ticket price: adults 6.60 EUR, youth (16-18 years old) 4.50 EUR, children 3.30 EUR, skate rental – 4.50 EUR.

The kids will also enjoy sledding. One slide is located next to the Wiesenhof. The second – Gerlosstein – at Heinzenberg. This is the longest natural slide in the Ziller Valley – its length is 7 km. You can get to it on the Gerlossteinbahn lift, and rent a sled in one of the sports shops.

Mayrhofen also has the Erlebnisbad water park with slides, a sauna, or go to the solarium grotto (website in English). In addition, there is free parking and a variety of restaurants.

Weather in Mayrhofen

The climate of the Ziller Valley, like the whole of Tyrol, is influenced by the warm dry wind föhn, which blows most often in the transitional seasons. Winters are usually snowy and long, and snow can fall at the end of October. The ski season at the resort lasts from late November to early April, but global warming may make its own adjustments. Skiing on the Hintertux Glacier is possible all year round.

The coldest and snowiest month is January. The closer to spring, the more likely the occurrence of avalanches. The Tyrolean spring is cool and windy, even in early May the weather is changeable. Summers are warm, with really hot days and occasional heavy rains of short duration.

Ski pass

Ski passes in Mayrhofen are different – valid from a few hours to two weeks of skiing in all ski regions of the Zillertal. There are three types of tariffs – adult, teen (under 18) and child (under 14). Children under 6 accompanied by adults travel free of charge.

The Mayrhofen Ski Pass for one day for adults/teenagers/children costs 53.50/42.50/ 24 EUR respectively and is only valid in the Mayrhofen-Hippach region. The Zillertal Super Ski Pass gives you access to all lifts in the Zillertal. 4 days on any slopes of the valley will cost 184.50 / 147.50 / 83.00 EUR, and 10 days of skiing for two weeks – 415.50 / 332.50 / 187 EUR.

The presence of a ski pass entitles you to free travel by all types of public transport (ski bus, bus, train) in the Ziller Valley. The only condition is that the passenger must be dressed for skiing and hold skis or a snowboard in his hands.

The used ski pass can be kept as a keepsake or returned to the ticket office for 2 EUR in return.

Attractions in Mayrhofen, Austria

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