Cristiano Ronaldo Launches the Designer Men’s Shoes CR7 Footwear

The star of Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo, currently the greatest soccer player in the world and also very well known for his style of dressing which makes many consider it a metrosexual, has recently launched their own line of shoes, the CR7 Footwear.

Cristiano Ronaldo Launches the Designer Men’s Shoes CR7 Footwear

The athlete, the Portuguese already had a line of underwear of their own and some of the products launched in partnership with its biggest sponsor, Nike, which, by the way, did not like anything to have their biggest poster boy becoming a direct competitor, threatening to break the million-dollar contract signed. According to some media outlets the case was resolved: Cristiano will take circulation models casual leaving sale only the line formal.

Unfortunately this mishap with the Nike and the very fame of Cristiano Ronaldoended up calling more attention than the products that were released, because most of the media little commented on them. The fact is that shoes and sneakers made in partnership with Portugal Footwear, but take the label of CR7 Footwear, you have options for various tastes, they seem very well made and designed to highlight the classic and elegant, with models such as the oxford wholecut (with the leather made of one piece of leather) on the driver shoe, the monk-strap, the top-sider and even a friendly sneaker leather with wingtip and brogues as ornaments.

The only sin committed, I believe, is the insistence on putting the name of the player in various parts of the shoe: the insole, on the side of the heel, on the leather near the laces and up into a metal buckle. I am a partisan of the footwear clean, in my opinion the tag should only appear on the sole and on the insole.

Here are a few more models below:

Seeing the pictures it is clear that the star has used her knowledge of fashion to create (actually have someone to create, lol!) a collection in tune with the style of the european man, contemporary, covering more traditional models, used by all who cherish the elegance in the most diverse environments and occasions, but in the next could trust more in the beauty of the product and save a little extra with your subscription!

If you want to buy a pair you can visit the virtual store to the Portuguese Footwear, because they sell to Brazil, but I’ll warn you, the more sophisticated models has the price (in euros) as well salty!