Cloned and Plundered: The Espadrilles from Celine Are Object of Desire

Espadrilles are living their best time, and all thanks to the large firms that have them elevation to the top in the fashion firmament. Chanel, Stella McCartney, Christian Louboutin… Y Celine. But the latter opts for take them pony skin to give the different touch that convert them into a true object of desire. And go if it has succeeded! All the fashion victims (and many also) have fallen into their networks and already look them in their daily lives. But for the people of street, spend hundreds of euros in a shoe is not something common. That is why today we show one cheapest option…

Although it is still a bit expensive. The signature in question? Manebi, and presents the same model with the less marked instep. The truth is that they are divine, although we will continue looking for a still cheaper option.

What do you think?

Photos | Girl à la mode

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