Climate and Weather of Dingle, Ireland

The climate of Dingle

According to BRIDGAT, the Irish coast is a popular holiday destination for those who love rugged untamed nature. Ireland’s western coastal areas mainly consist of rugged cliffs, sheltered fishing coves and sometimes a beautiful beach. The village of Dingle, with more than two thousand inhabitants, has it all. Fishing is an important source of income. Tourism is another element that contributes to the economy of this quaint village. According to a well-known travel blogger, Dingle has one of the most beautiful beaches in Ireland. Another reason to visit Dingle could be the Dingle Distillery. A traditional Irish whiskey is produced here. During a guided tour you can see the manufacturing process with your own eyes and taste the whiskey at the end. Its location on the rugged Irish coast ensures a moderate maritime climate, with winters being remarkably mild and summers unfortunately a bit cooler than what many people expect in summer weather. Dingle is not overly sunny or gloomy. It is mainly the wind direction that determines what kind of weather can be observed during a certain period. With a strong westerly current, depressions are mainly sent towards Ireland. That usually means a lot of clouds, often quite a bit of rain and possibly also strong winds. The wind can take considerable proportions in Dingle. In the autumn this can cause strong winds to even complete autumn storms.

Climate figures

The figures below are based on long-term average climate statistics. The temperatures are displayed in degrees Celsius (°C).

maximum temperature minimum temperature hours of sunshine per day days of rainfall per month water temperature
January 9℃ 4℃ 2 24 10℃
February 9℃ 4℃ 2 20 9℃
March 11℃ 5℃ 3 21 9℃
April 12℃ 6℃ 5 17 10℃
May 14℃ 8℃ 6 18 12℃
June 17℃ 10℃ 5 17 14℃
July 18℃ 12℃ 5 16 15℃
August 18℃ 12℃ 5 20 16℃
September 17℃ 10℃ 4 20 15℃
October 14℃ 9℃ 3 22 14℃
November 12℃ 6℃ 2 23 12℃
December 10℃ 5℃ 1 23 11℃

The weather in Dinglea

Here you will find the weather forecast for Dingle. View the current weather in Dingle and the forecast for the coming days, such as temperatures, the chance of precipitation, the wind direction and the wind strength. With this weather data you can see what kind of weather you can expect in Dingle. Based on the climate statistics, we describe the weather per month in Dingle. This is not a long-term forecast, but gives the average weather forecast for all months of the year. Do you want to see the detailed weather forecast for Dingle? On the page with extra weather information we show the chance of snow, the wind chill, visibility, UV strength, air pressure and more good weather information.

Dingle, Ireland

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