An Evening with Shoes Zilian Autumn/Winter 2011 / 2012: Te Volveras Crazy!

The Portuguese firm Zilian lands in Madrid. And he does it with a space where have place each and every one of the desires and greed that a woman may have in regards to shoes. This store, which can become one of your usual views in your days of shopping can be found in the barrio Salamanca, in Goya Street, 22.

The footwear brand wanted to show us your new space and its great variety of models, up to 250 different pairs, in a fun snack, where we got to try us all the designs we liked most. And what I liked most of all is the layout of the store. And is there a Hall for each number where you can find the pair that you like without having to ask for yours.

A variety of models and colours, with designs that follow the latest trends, but at the same time, there is a gap for those who do not renounce the classics.

They are comfortable and long. I was trying several pairs to me and I can assure that they are very comfortable thanks to the amplitude of lasts, reason not go to fashion. And regarding the price, range from the 100 euros, which is affordable for the quality and design that have.

The collection Autumn/winter 2011 / 2012 is cheerful, sensual and sophisticated, perfect to wear at any time of the day and thinking in a modern urban woman. There are practical models for days of rain or snow, others elegant for our day to day and the more glamorous for the night. And all very comfortable thanks to its platforms.

Another handicap that I liked about this signature is exclusivity, as there are a limited number of pairs for each model, de ahi que in each station has four collections, with four different monthly themes and new models presented each week.

The Portuguese brand has a creative team of eight people, Creative Director, designers and technicians from forms of shoes. Each collection is based on the search of the four major trends of fashion and lifestyle. These trends are the basis of the monthly collections that the brand presents all stations. The shoes are made in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Brazil, and Turkey.

In addition, Zilian He wants to pay tribute to Madrid, doing a documentary where is reflected through different testimonies of real women, important elections in his life that have led them to the place where are today. For this project you will have the collaboration of the model and presenter Martina Klein, as a Director.