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How to Style a Choker Necklace by Name

Our nostalgia jewelry and the 90's favorite jewelry trend has returned. We are of course talking about the choker necklace, also known as the seasonal jewelry everyone must have. If you need some inspiration, we have styling tricks and tips on how to rock the trend.


STOCK ON STOCK NECKLACEThe time is over when we leave the space between the neck and the neckline empty. Fill that space with a choker necklace to contrast the different necklaces! Layer upon layer of necklaces is a trend we see a lot of. Layer upon layer of choker necklaces brings a fuller look and usually you want at least 3 necklaces. A choker necklace with a name such as a choker necklace with a letter in sterling silver makes an impression and is a piece of jewelry that will be in focus. Let your necklace with a name be the centerpiece and build from there with different styles of longer or shorter chokers or necklaces.THE LITTLE BLACK


Your choker with name can be worn with anything formal and can be complemented with all types of attire. Our Choker Necklace with letter in 18K gold plating is perfect for a chick night out. The choker will adorn your neck and complement your outfit. Keep it simple with layer upon layer of jewelry so that it does not dominate your look. This stylish style is eye-catching and compliments an elegant and minimalist outfit.


THE CHARM OF CHOKERSChokers with charms are styled very simply because they are so discreet. You can express yourself easily by choosing a choker that you can personalize with words that represent your personality and interest. Our Choker Necklace with Letters in Gold Plating can be easily matched with jeans, skirts, dresses and is very feminine and stylish with your outfit. Whether you choose a piece of jewelry with discreet charms or slightly larger charms, both styles will suit your look.MIX YOUR MATERIALS


The more the merrier. Experiment with contrasting metals. Do not be afraid to mix metals, colors and textures. Our Choker necklace with name and gothic font in gold plating can easily be matched with other necklaces. Some of the best styles are created when pairing equal necklaces. It's like a blank canvas so you can mix and match however you like! Mixing metals is super trendy - make sure your choker necklace with name is in the center and store from there. For example, you can complement your choker necklace with names with some thin gold chains in different lengths, textures and tones for a wonderfully stylish finish.

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