7 Heels That You Could Try These Discounts If You’Re a Novice Heights

Nothing is comparable to the moment in which you test high heel shoes for the first time and look higher, prettier and more stylized. But then comes the time to walk and discover that high doses of practice and skills you need to look like a diva with heels. If you love heels, but you fear falling down in public, what do not panic. These seven heels can help you. And now they are also reduced!

Low heels are trend this season, more comfortable and wide version. These handle they do not measure more than 5 centimeters and metallic blue color the new will be star of street style. Die-cut finish, fringe moccasin, perfect with any dress design and, as we like to us, with cropped jeans.

The Kitty heel or stiletto low is perfect for those that do not normally climb on heels of 15 centimeters. Its height is 7 cm, but already provides this styling effect as only a high heel can do. These Adolfo Dominguez with double buckle and fastening on instep are perfect to hold all day trot.

The wedges are ideal as an alternative to those who do not feel safe on a pair of heels. They provide the desired height and removed the fear that splitting the heel or is is locked into any gap. With these Sandals from Asos not only hair design with carry cots, if not that will become them the center of all your style.

What would our looks of winter without a good heel booties? Does not lack that measure 17 centimeters and we go like Gazelles on the Savannah, especially if the heights are not your thing. This option of chunky with a pinch of high heel is the perfect solution, halfway between the sophistication of heels and the convenience of being close to the ground. You can find them in completely full of tacks Bimba and Lola.

If you plan to skip the passage of low heels and media and go directly to the heights, you can always try the heels high and very wide, to provide greater support and security. These sandals with heel XXL Zalando and are made of velvet, the must of the winter trend.

Fully adjusted until the middle of the thigh high boots give rise to some of the most celebrated outfits of the past 2016, and has pint to continue war in 2017. Its effect sock guarantees maximum grip, by which can add you a pinch of heel without fear that this dance or have unsafe tread. These glitter rose are from H & M and make you shine at every step you give.

Flat pallets are the ideal solution for those who don’t want to see a heel or from afar. Not high, low or medium. If you are a woman’s flat shoes without remedy but want to earn a few centimetres extra, you’re in luck. Shoes with platform XXL male style and oxford invandido have stores. These Mustang are plated finish.