4 winter Shoes Trends for São Paulo Fashion Week

What is in vogue in fashion autumn winter 2014 in feet?

Each season, the anxiety is in the air to see what will be transformed from the catwalks to the market. Several trends dispute among consumers.

The São Paulo Fashion Week is, in some measure, a bellwether of what can appear. No one is required to love and use given fashion season. The most important thing is to always select each trend according to your personality, what you like to wear.

Today’s post brings some fashion trends winter 2014 for shoes. An eye on the SPFW.

Thick heel

This aspect of leap had already appeared in other stations. Here are the shows Pedro Lourenço, Animale and Osklen.

The thick heel brings something more robust and heavy to the shoe. And, without a doubt, they’re a lot more stability than any thin heel. This type of jump suits particularly with the boots. Somehow, brings a certain force to the look of winter. Do you agree?

Moorings and strips

This kind of aesthetic appeared in different types of shoes. And it’s not just limited to closed-toe shoes. Here you have shoes of the parades of Glory rabbit, Pat Pat’s, Cavalera and Tufi Duek. More “evil”. A lot of people think the strips and the moorings uncomfortable. And you? Love this look on your feet?

Influence of the shoes of the years 70

70 years is represented by the boho style, stripped feet represented by shoes with heel out, the thick heel and platform. Some resemble clogs shoes this season. And even the anabelas Sandals seem to have something this time. The parade of Juliana Jabour and Ravi. Is around the years 70 so updated.

Red shoe

Red shoe is always a charm to the feet. When you talk about Red, people immediately think of escarpim. And, that’s not the only type of footwear that will appear red. The Red will be with all in shoes! Here are the shows of AcquaStudio, Patrícia Motta, Lino Villaventura, Samuel Cirnansck.

The red shoes is the type of accessory that really don’t leave anything blank! Daring and fascinating. Can see all red. Or just giving a few taps. Contrary to what many think, the Red shoe is not difficult to match. Is particularly interesting with closed colors, especially black, Navy Blue.

The selection of the site I LOVE shoes is just a hint of winter bets. And what do you like more? Is there a preference? Comment!