Would You like Some All-Terrain Shoes This Summer? Bet and Win with The Nude!

In what shoes invest this season? Many couples at home and none that you combine with everything? We have the solution: shoe in nude or make-up tone. The shape and style varies for every occasion and every taste: sandals, peep-toes, laced, dancers, Roman, salons… many are the celebrities who have already fallen into its spell!

One of them is Liz Hurley that he chose Sandals makeup for Ascot races. The actress opted to sandals in the fashionable color which combined with the same tone dress. Would you like to see some proposals and looks famosiles with shoes this color? Let´s go!!

Celebrities joining the nude in his last appearances

Another Satanist makeup color is the actress Katie Holmes, which is unlike the Liz, her shoes the color of white and black dress fashion in the Gala Women In Film, where have we seen other famous as Elle Fanning.

Heidi Klum has left us with another styling to admire and muscular. Dressed as a goddess in blue and sandals the actress gave a walk in New York.

Another who has worn his great guy for New York has been Brooklyn Decker. The model and actress was decanted for flat shoe, some dancers from Lanvin white dress with military vest. A 100% look trendy.

Our Princess Letizia also hunt all the trends of the season: look color block pink and Red peep toes heels. Very summer!

Where can get this trend in its low-cost?

Easy! Almost all of our favorite stores have models in color makeup. The peep-toes are perfect for those who live intensely the summer nights with weddings, parties and events of all kinds. Here below, a model with studs is of Zara.

Other model much more lady with flowers attached, also of Zara, will be your ally with gowns flowers and lingerie trend.

Bimba and Lola It gives the target with a sophisticated and less seen design. Half Bootie, half sandal, so are shoes that can make a black LDL, a very interesting styling.

In Mango you will find an option different from everything else and retro. A delicious proposal that perfectly combines with Bell-Bottoms in the style of 70’s. Aren’t they cute?

Model for daring: COTS cordoned off with die-cut finishing of TopShop. Essential in party nights!

And for the most classic, a Fund’s wardrobe! Dancer with small heel and bow of Top Shop. Especially suitable for sailors looks and tomorrow.

The platforms are one of the trends of the season. There are many that already have signed up and if you’re looking for a comfortable model, you have this option in Uterqüe.

Do you like the shoes makeup color? Do you already have some pair in the closet?