Women’s Shoe Trends Summer 2016

When it comes to plastic sandals, the Melissa brand is the first to come in mind. With over 30 years of success, Melissa was gaining admirers and loyal consumers who grew up with the brand that is always reinventing itself and seeking innovation. The brand unveiled its collection for 2016 and promises a lot of color on the feet for women. Check the news of Melissa 2016 collection.


Established in 1979, Melissa has already been a resounding success at the time, winning the feet of adolescents and Brazilian women who saw different and stylish footwear in plastic sandals. Over the years Melissa has turned into a design of footwear that every collection seeks to create unique models and drinking pop fountain. The brand focuses on partnerships with acclaimed designers to create unique models that become dream consumption. Currently, the brand makes shoes for children and adults.


Melissa 2016 collection for the summer, Wanna Be Carioca, is a tribute to the brand Rio de Janeiro, city reference when talking about the hottest season of the year. The collection brings the style of Rio life to the shoes, taking into account the culture, night and musicality, resulting in models that convey the simple and lightweight way of being of the inhabitants of the city. Check the news of Melissa 2016 collection.

* Ballet shoes

The sneakers are Melissa’s big bet in their collections and they combine style and comfort with shoes designed in minute detail. Melissa 2016 collection includes irreverent models like the Campana Baroque, which features designs inspired by the baroque art in relief for all footwear. Already Scribble Tartan in partnership with Vivienne Westwood is to tend the plots playing with patterned chess.

The ballet bow promises to please the most romantic with shape inspired by dancers including the characteristic square – toed. The model Christy + Jason Wu II comes with bold and different great design for girls who want a shoe with stylish touch of fashion.

The shoes come with strong trend in metallic, either in colors or accessories that are mainly bonds, which vary in size and may even be large, as is the case of the model Ultragirl Sweet X. The red and light pink appear fairly and bring the tone to sneakers. The prints are not side with Melissa Ultragirl XV in partnership with Vivienne Westwood.

Sandals in Melissa 2016 collection are partnered with Sebastian Errazuriz using the peep toe models giving irreverent footwear that has everything to do with the brand concept. The details of the sandals are the heels. Model Gold Digger has the heels in the shape of the Greek titan Atlas. But the model The Boss has the detail of brass knuckles in part below the base – a touch of personality to their productions.

* Flats

Flats are the face of summer and so Melissa could not put aside the models. The highlight of the collection is the swimsuit model inspired by the Copacabana boardwalk with corrugated soles. The shoes have a strap in neoprene instep giving reference to swimsuit fabric. The model also has a strap that can be tied the way you prefer or removed. The colors are cheerful as red, blue and yellow.

The Campana model Barroca Sandal follows the same inspiration of Baroque art sneakers, only in sandals and gladiator footprint model. Footwear remember the shoes of the Greek goddesses and can be seen on a walk along the beach without difficulty.

* Flip flops

Flip flops and summer are a sure combination and therefore Melissa 2016 bet on the Beach Slide, a slipper with trend model, bringing modernity to your look. The colors are black, white, green, purple and red. The Cosmic follows the same trend, with bicolor soles and two straps.

* Flatforms

The flatforms here to stay and Melissa 2016 bet without fear in the model Hotness, which has a male form, but without losing the feminine touch with colors like white and green.

* Platform

The platforms are also big bet on the collections of Melissa and the summer 2016 could not miss. The Peace V has inspiration in hippie fashion and has fringes application. The sole has ethnic pattern ranging in black, white, yellow and red. The Sea model is also featured in the collection with straight soles that is trend. The colors range from black, white, nude, blue and red.

Melissa 2016 collection brings great influence of the carioca lifestyle and promises to color the summer in style following the fashion trends. Just choose your favorite model and enjoy the look – and smell! – Characteristic.