Women’s Sandals with Wedge Heels

If you need some smart footwear for summer and the festive occasions, just take a closer look at our assortment of sandals with wedge heels, which can elevate your femininity to new heights. A wedge heel is a solid heel that lifts your foot elegantly, and makes your legs look longer. This kind of shoe is usually equipped with a circumferential leather strap that keeps your foot in place.Women's Sandals with Wedge Heels

For a neat appearance in spring, you can choose to put the shoes along with a pair of jeans, a shirt and a light jacket. In the hot summer season, you can choose to have your shoes on with a tight top and a fluffy skirt. Don’t forget to spice up your set with a stylish handbag or some beautiful jewelry in either gold or silver.Women's Sandals with Wedge Heels 1

Get ready for summer with a pair of wedge heel sandals

The sandals with wedge heels are offered by Bridgat in a wide range of styles, which you can shape your look as you want. The height of the heels varies, and which pair you choose depends on your height. For a day at the beach with family, you can choose a pair of sandals with a lower heel in order to make it easier to move around in the warm sand.Women's Sandals with Wedge Heels 2

If you are in the mood for a night out with boyfriend, you can choose a trashy pair with high heels to get eye contact with a potential flirt. If you’d like to turn up for the summery mood, you can also choose sandals with heels made of cork or nice merge material. Get ready for summer with a cool selection of sandals with wedge heels right here.Women's Sandals with Wedge Heels 3