Wide Boots to the Santa Claus!


It is:Katia!Congratulations and thank you to all who have participated.The next action is already live, you can find it on the homepage.

Extensive boots are an issue for many women. Like all body parts, calves are not standardized. I am glad that I can help one of you to a few chic boots for today’s Nikolaustag. The company Stiefelwunder carries 29 different shafts and also larger shoe sizes.Also many different models, from flat to high, from the ankle to the overknee.

Good plus size wide boots made of leather at naturegnosis, which bring you through several winters, are not in the low price segment to have. Therefore I am pleased, on the day of St. Nicholas, one of you a 100 Euro voucher for the assortment of Stiefelwunder.

You have to do this in order to get the 100 Euro for your wide boots:

Bootwunder would like to improve further and is therefore interested in your sizes. How you determine your size, you will find here: Measure shoe sizes and shafts correctly.

  • Leave behind in the comments, stating your shoe size and shank width, where you would go with your new wide boots first.
  • If you do not want to comment, you can also do this by eMail: info@missbartoz.de
  • We have already had some actions here and it has proven to be a good decision.This will be the case this time.
  • If the lot hits you, you will get an eMail that you won and Stiefelwunder sends you a code, which you can redeem in the shop.

The winner is only published here with her first name. You can join until 15.12.13 14:00 then comes the next door.

Of course, you can only play once per advent win , but there is no reason not to participate with everyone else.If the lot falls a second time, you’re just lucky.

Happy Nicholas and good luck!

The winner of Door One is:Virginia.Congratulations!