White Sneakers: 10 Looks of the Male Show How to Use the Footwear

In men’s fashion the style is often above the price or the luxury of a piece of clothing or accessory, and the fact that white sneakers have become the wild card of the wardrobe and the male is a proof of this, after all he does not need to be expensive or “madonna” to accompany a look from simple and relaxed. Here are some tips on how to incorporate it to several different styles:

White Sneakers 10 Looks of the Male Show How to Use the Footwear

1 – the simpler, The better

You may be using pieces of tailoring, but if the idea is to relax with tennis, there is no need for a model full of paranauês and dearest, the classic low pipe canvas gives evidence and shows how cool you are.


2 – Make a combination of summer more light

A look like this up here could have been supplemented with various types of footwear, but watch as this white sneakers fell as well by adding lightness to the whole, in addition you do not need to worry about the color of the other parts, it is neutral!


3 – Lengthen the silhouette in combination with the white pants

If you wear trousers that clear was a problem because you thought that the shoes dark helped to shorten their legs, here’s a good tip to achieve an effect of elongation of the silhouette! In the top part of the valley from a casual shirt to a combination of more modern with a blazer and sweatpants, as shown in the photo.


4 – Mount the look work super casual, but stylish

If your dress code at work is liberal, but you believe that the shirt and tie provide a sleeker look, use the tennis database to add an element clean and irreverent combination. Opt for models of low sole leather or canvas, but take care to always be impeccable.


5 – Create a visual navy modern

If when we look with influence navy you immediately think of docksides, it is time to give a varied in repertoire and modernize the look with a pair of white tennis shoes. It can be a Adidas Superstar that has a look more urban or a Vans “slip-on” which refers to that beach weather, for example.


6 – do Not let the knee high out of it!

Gives to use the creativity in use time shoes high tops. How the white draws attention, valley fold the tongue tie only up to half of the eyelets, or leave the pipe more open to give more style to the footwear, especially if you are using with bermuda, where the look gets even more stripped down.


7 – Black and white together are perfect!

No need to be stuck on the looks clear or with soft colors and pastel tones, a visual more radical with a leather jacket and black pants also works that is a wonder, in addition to referring to the visual of the rockers of the 80s when the tennis shoes Pony leather white shared the scene with the All Star and the combat boots.


8 – With jeans and blazer for a result irreverent

Double denim + blazer gets a touch young and irreverent with the addition of white tennis shoes of canvas, even if you want to maintain a certain elegance by using a shirt and tie. The bars bent combine very well with the spirit of this combo and can help cool off on hot days.


9 – Combine contrasting with heavy clothes

Just because winter does not mean that you should pull over your pair of sneakers in the bottom of the cabinet, as even the clothes the more heavy and dark shades can be coordinated with this type of footwear that, as already said, is neutral. If you are not a fan of the bars bent and shins the shows as in the above example, it is a good time to experiment with colorful socks, with patterns and designs, they give a fun touch to the visual and protect, but if this is not your thing, no problem, use the neutral color such as navy or grey.


10 – The normcore asks simple sneaker

Who cares the clothes are simple and comfortable have on tennis shoes your greatest friend, but still the racing models give the impression that the subject is going straight to the gym, the tennis shoes of canvas or leather give that air of informal, who is in his moment of leisure, and here the charm of the white tennis shoes fits like a glove.


Here are some more looks with sneakers white in the gallery below.

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Here are some options to compose the looks suggested, just click on the picture to see in our profile for the Polyvore brands and prices.

Below is an example of a combination casual that has already been suggested by Channel Male in another post.

4 final tips:

  • Although versatile, there are some environments where it is not advisable to use shoes, so that the model is high, so stay tuned for the location to be visited;
  • The white tennis shoes has another nice thing: it flattens the whole world! You may be using a template canvas of 90 or 900 real, since they are well-maintained, both will seem very (look at the examples above!), so do not be piped with brands, to focus on quality and durability when the design is similar;
  • There are those who get good results even with the old pairsthat already have puídos and risks, it is actually possible to use this for and contrast with the other parts, more “serious”, but this is the sort of combo that requires good sense, so take a good look in the mirror before you leave.
  • Models with soles that are too thick may weigh too much on the set, remember that here comfort and lightness are the key words.