What Your Shoes Can Tell about You?

Most men don’t understand the love of a woman with shoes, but apparently they can tell a lot about you.

They say when a man looks into a woman from head to toe, in addition to physical attraction, he’s too judging by your shoes.

Didn’t invent this. A study conducted by the University of Kansas found that people are able to accurately evaluate the personality of another person just by looking at their shoes.

If you’ve ever wondered what men think when they look at your feet, look in the following list what your shoes can reveal about you based on this study.

1. flashy Colors

Flashy colors and vivid shoes, not surprisingly, show that you are outgoing, playful and likes to take chances.

This is great if you find a man who is ready for a woman of strong personality, but bad if you find a man who is on the quieter side.

2. Tennis

You may have thought that the shoes would say to a man that you are calm and easy to handle, but the study found that men think that you’re always on the go and loves to exercise.

Men may assume that you are going to play a game of tennis or going out for a run. The sneakers will tell them that you are an active woman.

3. High heels

Do you like wearing high-heeled shoes? These can be interpreted in two ways.

Some men summer jumps as a sign of power and a dominant personality, while others will see how sign of sensuality and desire to please the opposite sex.

4. Sneakers

Sneakers pass to men a very clear impression: who uses practical and sensitive women.

During the search, the use of shoes was also related to a greater level of intelligence.

5. Gladiator Sandals

For some reason, sex and legs is the only thing that goes through the head of a man when he sees a woman with Gladiator sandals. So, if you want him involved with you at your side, this might not be the best choice.