What Is Your Favorite Shoe for Spring Type?, The Question of The Week

Spring leaves side boots (finally!) and touch pass to new shoes to avoid carrying an oven over on the asphalt of the city, so calentino in the days of high temperatures. This is the question of the week at Jezebel answers:

What is your favorite shoe for spring type?

The question of the week

What you do with the clothes when closet cleaning?

Enter your responses we see how Lara is all an expert when it comes to cleaning your closet according to:

I donated all my clothes from the 19-20 years to an orphanage in Barcelona. I went with 2 or 3 garbage bags filled giant. Upon entering I was told that “they did not want clothes,” I asked them why and told me that it was because the people donated clothes dirty, broken or very cumbersome. Then showed les a jacket and a bag (the 1st I took) and loved them. Clothing for teens and the older of the Center.
I have also donated lots of clothes to the containers of clothes, but I reported previously because it seemed to me fatal to do business with what I gave. Then I learned that it was for a network of people with problems (drug addiction, social exclusion, marginalization, etc…). The truth is that it is done business with what others recycle but it is people who have problems so well… it seems wrong.
To the containers I’ve donated many shoes. Shoes in good condition already not in use, especially heel because did me damage (was very fan, now already not so much). If it hurts, step to me them.
Once, not knowing that it could not be done, I went to a flea market and sold clothing in a suitcase. 5 euros to several things. Surprisingly I sold everything what they wore. Another day I tried reptir but now I could not do it because I learned that “it couldn’t be done” and was too nervous for a possible fine and was what led me to donate clothes to the orphanage.