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The first virtual shoe museum in the world is an El Dorado for Shoe-o-holics. It was founded by Dutch graphic designer Liza Snook. fem.com met her for the interview.
How did you get the idea to found a virtual shoemaker’s museum?
For more than 25 years, I have been collecting everything that has to do with shoes:shoe books,”shoevenirs”, pictures and photos of shoes, advertisements. Of course, also a lot of shoes , which I can wear myself – which does not mean that I can run in it (laughs), reported by hyperrestaurant. I also collect shoes from other cultures and I own hundreds of shoes for Barbie dolls…
As often as I can, I visit shoe exhibitions. What often disappoints me is that only very few exhibits are shown, and that lighting and placement are often rather unfavorable. So I got the idea of ​​a virtual presentation, which offers much more possibilities. Like the classification by designers, color and material, and views from different perspectives.
What must bring a shoe to get a place in your museum?
I ask myself with each candidate the questions:Is it a shoe? Is it portable? Does he play a role? Does it stimulate the imagination? I am interested in models which are at least theoretically portable and which bring something special, unique and bring out the sense of humor.
If I would send you a self-sketch of a worn-out shoe – would he have a chance to be included in the collection of the Virtual Shoe Museum?
Why not? Any designer or artist can send his shoes or designs by email. My partner, Taco Zwaanswijik, who designed the website, and I carefully review all the submissions, and then decide if they fit into the collection.
How many models are shown in the Virtual Shoe Museum?
Meanwhile, there are 1000 pieces. And more and more every day … In addition to the constant expansion of the collection, we are planning a feature that allows the visitor to compile a virtual selection of personal favorites. We will also be reporting on other exhibitions by means of video-portage – such as a new Schuhmuseum, which opens in spring in Belgium. And we are planning a branch in Second Life, where visitors can try and buy the models virtually.
>> Click through a selection of particularly daring models in the Gallery.
The Virtual Shoe Museum is open nonstop. Admission is free and even barefoot possible:our site
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