Vintage Style Mary Jane Shoes

Discover with us the timeless “child shoes”, a classic that is always in fashion!

Mary Jane Shoes

They are the bon ton shoes par excellence, those that immediately give a romantic allure and innocent child. We are talking about Mary Jane of course!

They are characterized by the strap on the instep, the heel is usually of medium height, and their shape resembles the typical shoes of girls, which is why they are called even shoes to bébé.

From the cartoon to the shoe…

It all started with a comic, well then it is this model has been designed by cartoonist Richard Outcault, designer Buster Brown, who was impressed by the form of his sister’s shoes, Mary Jane. The design was also used for advertising purposes by Brown Shoe Company and that’s how the story of this vintage footwear began..

A timeless model

From the 20s onwards has been the most sought after model and loved by women, initially Mary Jane were the classic dancers comfortable strap that women wore to go dancing, but fashion has evolved over the years adding as well, in this model, heel and the plateau up to the present day.

We all Carrie

Passionate Sex and the City will remember the famous scene in which Carrie wandering around in the dressing room of American Vogue discovers Mary Jane Manolo Blahnik exclaiming “I thought they were a myth”!

In fact, this model of shoes has gone through the history and fashions, has a timeless charm that appeals to both young to older women and especially the stars that have sported on important occasions like the red carpet or the Oscars.

Why are they so popular?

Like them because they offer right away that touch of glamor and retro like no other pair of shoes can do and can turn us into sexy Lolitas if we choose the model with high heels. The Mary Jane are perfect when combined with mini-dress or dresses are not too long to avoid even the “grandmother’s shoes” effect. They are popular because they are able to link the idea of ​​the past, so the vintage, with the present and with time have become true and proper shoes “jewel” enriched with patent leather straps or buttons swarosky.

Back Mary Jane

The designer shoes most famous and the most important designers welcomed “Mary Jane” in their collection and even the cinema is no exception, in fact in May will be released in the remake of “The Great Gatsby”, which celebrates the fashion of the 20s in that we may see a revival of the accessories and then the famous Mary Jane that we are sure all will want to put on their feet! So Mary Jane back on the runways ready to establish itself as the new must for the season!

Mary Jane trend

It is no coincidence that our beloved Carrie was crazy about him: Manolo Blahnik has reinvented the Mary Jane has become the flagship model of its collections. Impossible to decree what is the most beautiful of the classic Mary Jane BB or super glamorous black Fiocam, the Estipula houndstooth or Mary Jane Campari in brown paint.

Even the famous French brand Louis Vuitton has decided to celebrate the Mary Jane with a fantastic model in Monogram canvas symbol of French fashion house. More sensual and playful revisiting Christian Louboutin tinting color its models.

They’re good at all?

The shoes like clothes must be chosen with care and above all based on the height and build, but you be beautiful without suffering! The Mary Jane classic, with a medium heel are more suitable for a buxom woman while the round tip could “shorten” the leg, so it is recommended for very tall and slender women. If you are a very slender foot, opt for Mary Jane models with two or three straps so that your foot adhere to the shoe avoiding the annoying “flaky” effect at all sensual and chic!

The right combination

What is the right outfit to wear with Mary Jane? Ideal for a very sexy look with a leather mini-dress or a pencil skirt with a high waist, for a more easy look can be worn instead with a pair of skinny jeans, or a palazzo pants if a total vintage look you prefer.

The Mary Jane is an accessory wildcard, the shoes that never go out of fashion to treasure in your closet!

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