Vintage Mens Shoes

Attention fashion victims, lace–o derby-Women are the reference footwear autumn / winter 2014-2015. Add a touch a bit ‘vintage and a little’ men at your feet!

A vintage echo resounds nell’aere whenever a woman puts the foot a couple of 1940s style lace up shoes, like oxfords low. Imagine this soft music, a little ‘retro, is insistent face through the streets of the center, plays a gramophone behind an open window with the curtain, moved by the wind, it seems almost to dance. Autumn / Winter 2014 2015 vintage sounds also for the lace at the feet of women.

Footwear must have between masculine style and more

Studs and laser cut are the glam details of where these shoes have in place: narrow toe, patent leather and velvet with laser cut details. Care fashion victims, in addition to the lace, the cold season is full of shoes and styles as diverse. It goes from footwear with moodaggressive versions of the classic etiquette personified by dancers and feminine lace.

Here, a quick summation on women’s shoes that will mark our winter.

  • Masculine style, the little men take various ideas including lace classic though some embellished with lights or other gem and without laces. Lace-ups are also glittery.
  • Amphibians, essential footwear for winter.
  • They return to risocossa mules or clogs, heels that leave uncovered heels.
  • The sneakers seem to have made ​​a tour in the near future to return to the present day with various futuristic raids: the soles are raised, are carved, are more like the boots that of sporty shoes.
  • The boots look to the ’60s and’ 70s, nell’aere goes the music of the Beatles.
  • The heels give way to medium-high heels but wide. There are also examples ofsculpture heels.
  • Animal for ever. It seems that no fashion house is planning to put in stand bye the animal mood.
  • Sneakers Old School. The old school no exceptions and is back with a classic such as Adidas Gazelles.
  • The sheepskin boot is perfectly in line with mounds excursions.
  • Peep toe with so much rush discovery even with the lowering of the thermometers.
  • Boots and shoes purchase forms worthy of the best astronaut: tears, “tank” soles to walk on any surface, even on the moon.
  • the cut-out shoes are another must-have footwear. With special cutouts along the upper or profiles cut in an unusual way.
  • There are of course the dancers, the basic boots and classic versions cuissards leather, velvet, with details of buckles, the decollete pointed.