Trying to Inspire Yourself in Darah’s High Heel Looks

She Studies Journalism And AMA Writes About Fashion

If there is something that Darah Gomes, 19, from Uberlândia (MG), does not dispense with looks is the high heel-this is because the journalism student is low. Sneakers and flats also have space in her wardrobe, but only when more casual production demands so much comfort. Learn more about our style!

How do you define your style?
I say my style depends a lot on my mood. I believe that fashion is an art, we express ourselves through it, and so I always try to show how I feel. Sometimes I have more cute looks. At other times, with more serious and classic pieces. Every now and then, with more fun productions. It all depends on how I am in the day!

What is indispensable in your look?
High heels. Since I’m short, most of the shoes in my closet have heels, even the sneakers.

Where do you like to buy your clothes?
I really like Zara and Forever 21. I can find different things there.

What do you do in your free time?
I write, I write a lot. I do journalism and I have a blog, so I’m always writing, especially about fashion, which is one of my favorite subjects.

Favorite beauty products?
Eyelash mascara and eyeliner. If I’m without them, it means I’m not tidy up.

Who are your favorite girls?
I am very inspired by the b-loggers Karol Pinheiro, Flavia Desgranges and Thainã Neves, here from my city. In the gringa, my muse is without doubt Selena Gomez. She can always choose amazing and super comfortable pieces!