Trendy Mens Winter Shoes

Hello girls! The evil summer ended and winter trends have started to sweep the store shelves! There are many options, but today I will quote two styles of shoes that will be the hit: the sneaker’s yacht and Chelsea boots. They have been fashion for some time, but this time, they are going to conquer the street for being stylish and comfortable. They may also be used in more elaborate versions when going out at night, since the biggest merit is comfort!

Women's Winter Shoes

The sneakers

Classic men’s fashion, this model had its origin with the sailors in the 60s, but succeeded with skateboarders in the 80s. From the 1990s, female versions appeared. It is practical, since it has no laces and an elastic tape on the side. Currently the versions are more varied and colorful, ranging from animal prints, metal applications, to brightness.

The best combinations with the sneaker yacht are the shorts and skirts over short (in the winter it’s worth betting on tights), dresses, which are more formal, and cropped pants. The trick is to give attention to this thin part of the leg, which also provides a modern look.

The Chelsea boots

It was popular in the 60s on the streets of London, used in the setting of the time mod (short formodernists) and immortalized by the Beatles, who were the great pioneers of this style around the world, with their black pointy and varnished boots. The boot is very practical and comfortable, which has short and low heel. Besides, it does not have moorings; only has an elastic tape on the side.

To give contrast and lightness to the look, you can wear more feminine and romantic clothes, such as floral dresses, fluid fabrics, lace and transparencies. In winter, colored stockings will perfect the look, especially when you are also wearing skinny jeans.

Do you like these trends? Let’s make it a more comfortable style next winter.