Tips and Tricks of Female Footwear

Galocha is winter shoes, correct? Yes, very correct. For rainy weather, is not it? Yes, once again you thought that is right. What changes now is to bring simple rain shoes to the dry terrain because it’s so trendy! Female footwear is the new trend of the moment and they are beautiful!

Models of female galoshes

Of British origin, the feminine or masculine galoshes is a footwear typically of rain.Made of durable plastic protects well from the cold and does not get worn like leather in constant contact with water.And as it is constantly used on cold days, why not give a fashion touch to the item and adopt it from time to time, does not it?And after being spotted at the feet of Sarah Jessica Parker (the beloved Carrie Bradshaw of the Sex and The City series) and the gorgeous Kate Moss can not deny that it is even a fashion accessory .To learn how to use it is necessary to have a look at the models and so we have brought a complete guide to follow.

Short barrel

The galoshes can be made of plastic but they do not remember anything about their simple past of the 90’s. Do you remember the pink plastic Xuxa boot, which was actually a gallop?Forget about this model that has already fallen into popular taste and famous brands like Jimmy Choo and Hunter already have their models to inspire in the visual.

The short barrel model is one of the most practical and by having the common shoe face there is no mistake in combinations.Your best friends are the skinny pants and or your regular pants and remembering that as it is plastic, attention to the combination not to use

The short models have the advantage of coming with interesting complements like buckles and spikes to differentiate slightly from the classic smooth.


Who does not like black shoes, does not he? Besides being a great color to match the models are great for wearing both day and night. The black feminine galosh comes out in the front because it combines with everything and is great for the comfort to use in the work environment.Taking out the brightness of the plastic that may be very light the rules are the same as how to wear boots.

Medium or long white black canoe is easy to combine and super simple to use. It is a comfortable footwear for all the time, but be careful not to get too loose in the pipe that is not cool in the visual.


The patterned models are very much loved in street style both around the world and here and are great to wear with monochromatic looks to add life to the look.Combining with flat weights you will never go wrong!

How to use?Look ideas

The first step to properly use this type of boot more than special is to obey the shape of your body.It is a democratic footwear, any one can use, but you need to pay attention whether it will favor or point problems in your body or style.

The short ones should prefer the models that lengthen the body so always prefer pants or pantyhose that will make you taller.The monochrome looks (pants and boot of the same color) are perfect for lengthening the torso and making the legs larger and thinner.

Already with more than 1.70m (considered high in the Brazilian average) can use both bulky pieces as cold coats as colorful galoshes because they do not damage the look.

With skynni pants is the face of winter fashion and falls super good!

And even the shoes being of plastic can use with leather bag?The answer is yes!Today the fashion is very democratic and the mixture of materials is not only interesting as valued in the visual.

In addition to respecting your body the occasion should always be taken into consideration. Female boots in winter look is very cool and should be combined with warmer parts. The short models can go with shorts and skirts but stay for the summer even.

Wearing overshoes with delicate dresses is a way out of the classy delicacy, playing with styles. It may be from her lace dress that super fashionable spring summer floral that no problem.

What about your basic shorts?You will gain a super up when matching with some fashionable winter pieces to go out on rainy days.Also helps to appreciate the legs but attention because with long barrel is not indicated for the small ones.Lower women can use models with maximum ankle height.

What does not fit with galoshes:

  • Long Skirt
  • Get below the knee
  • Long pants like the bell mouth
  • Boyfriend pants
  • Just dresses like the tube
  • Looks for social parties like weddings and graduations
  • Printed galosh with printed clothing

Buy or not to buy women’s shoes?

If you love to be fashionable this sure is a must have for the cold days, but watch out because it is a very punctual fashion.It has gone almost 20 years in the closet to be used again and possibly should not be more than a year between trends.They are worth two or three models but no more than that because it should not linger on the list of winter fashion trends.