The Worst Shoes for Foot Health

Stiletto heel is not the villain of this story. Although harmful, they are not the only ones that can cause problems for female feet.

Other harmless models can also injure skin, muscle, tendons and bones–this, of course if used too often. Here are some of the worst shoes:


Yes, although often chosen because they are a nice and comfortable option for women who work and need to run the tube to the Office. They put extra pressure on the heel and the front toes, before the fingers. Without bow and shock absorption, stress fractures and neuromas (growth of nerve tissue between the fingers) can occur. The shoes quite a dancer, which fold for easy storage are the worst.


Hot, hot, hot. Naada better than a finger colored slippers there to circulate around when the occasion allows. However, the slippers have no arch in the Middle, forcing his fingers to make the position of “claw” to balance the passed. In excess, this reaction of feet to lack of slippers arch can create deformities.


Taste is taste. So the mules are present in many women’s feet. As there is nothing holding the ankles and heels, the weight goes to the front of the feet, especially the fingers, which adopt the jaw position to balance the excess weight. The instability is not bad only in the long term, with calluses and blisters, but can lead to falls and twists. Better not.

All know that high-heeled shoes are harmful, but it is important to be attentive to that don’t have jump, but do not respect the natural curvature of the feet. Watch your back!