The Top 10 of Bershka in Shoes for Spring

After seeing the latest spring 2011 lookbook of Bershka We are left with their top 10 of shoes to see what the latest proposals by Inditex brand for young audiences.

It is surprising to find a good number of pairs designed own of more elaborate looks to the informal style of Bershka. For my part I prefer the General ideas of what you as the Spanish brand is but choosing footwear always I have my philias and phobias, hence that recommend other stores before.

Bershka footwear spring 2011: leather and sandals

Arrived in good weather and with it will play to see once more the Sandals overlooking the city. The most comfortable footwear to avoid carrying an oven in the foot. Simple, in an attempt of leather which in addition to a few cords.

As we like to take the ankle looser or more free a model so it will be or more uncomfortable or most suitable for our style. Strips around the ankle with dark leather and smooth finger sandals.

If our intention to climb a few centimeters will choose a model of generous platform and rear cradle. Not suitable for 7 days a week.

The variety of the peep – toes

The variety of the peep-toes It gets hard in all kinds of torque. From Sandals with a thin strip to the ankle, turquoise blue, generous platform with a heel a fine pointed.

Flashy peers in Red passion looking for more to be reserved for the party even thinner heels, thin strap at the ankle and a certain front platform to compensate and not force both.

The white shoes It has been much welcomed this season and even though it has sometimes arrived in few successful white boots that are out there, in other occasions is left to more classic shoes combined with touches of Brown and fine front opening.

A darker alternative for this spring and some other nude look is this peep toe less heel and openings on the sides.

Bershka with earth colors

A more timeless and less conspicuous than the rest is which gives us this shoe in Brown, thin toe and with a medium heel. An option that with according to the Bershka dresses will not hit much.

Finally we see another hybrid between a classic shoe imitation suede with a generous wedge shoe. A horrible marriage and that better set aside against other alternatives with more style.

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