The Slipper Slide

Who does not like a trend that besides hyper fashionista is the typical casual stripped. If this is already a reality for the looks, imagine when this fashion goes from head to toe!

The slides, slipper model with flatter soles. Already a super “trend” about 10 years ago!

Appearing even in the JWAnderson show for three summers, the fashion still remains super high, by its mega comodidade. Besides of course, give that super cool vintage contrast the productions!

Prizes in resemblance to the Rider slippers (which only those who lived in the 90’s will remember) and the darlings Birkenstock, the model without doubt is the must have of the time for those who do not give up comfort and style!

Want to know EVERYTHING about this fashion re-read? Come with us!

How to Use Slipper Slide?

The fashion that is taking care of the streets is still an “unknown” for many in terms of combination.

But the incredible slides that look beyond versatile, look good with everything. As long as the occasion is very “informal”, of course!

In foreign countries the trend is the hit fashion of compositions so varied, ranging from floral dresses to pants in tailoring.

Want to know how to make these and other combinations? Follow us!

With pants

Ideal option for stripped looks pants are the perfect wildcard for anyone who wants to make a fun and casual mega composition with slipper slip !


Slides and jeans “marry” perfectly to build visuals on that unpretentious footprint.

The dupline goes super well with more basic blouses, croppeds , shirts (a chemise), jackets and models of coats that go from short to long.

If you want a more stylish production, blazer compositions, give a super “up” in the visual leaving you with a more “fashionista” face!

Printed blouses, basic or shirts, close the combination, providing a super modern casual air.

More like that

From leggings, trousers in sweat to models in tailoring, all favored a hyperintelligent footprint to the composition!

Even more

A little skin on display is always the number 1 choice when it comes to the hottest seasons!

But how to compose this production of slides, with skirts, shorts and dresses?

Although still a controversy, the relaxed mega slipper can super fit any look.

From dresses to straighter cuts, shorts and extra-wide skirts in different textures, to even sweatshirts and longer shirts.

Depending on your personal taste. It’s worth all the time to make your slide combination!

Where to buy? M aks and P rices

Did you like the productions with slide slippers, are you inspired and now want to get yours?

Join in this COMPLETE guide, with prices and several options hyper-stylish, we prepare for you!


The Adidas models were very much seen in the looks compositions that we showed in the post.

That classic option, striped strip in black and white colors is incredible, male model ranging from number 34/35 to 44/45.

The model that unfortunately is missing on the Adidas website, costs about $ 49 , and the female is available for purchase for $ 229. Precinho somewhat salty is not it?

The good news is that we find the same model, on the Netshoes site with several other color options, for the value of $ 65 .


The super famous sports brand also has beautiful options!

The model is missing from the official website of Nike, but we find it available at the online store Urban Culture , in white, in the amount of $ 129 .

Already in the Free Market you will find many other models, in different colors, for only R $ 59.


Rihanna recently signed the Fenty collection for the brand, and she is absolutely amazing. The model with strip of fur is available in pink, in the online store FF Imported for R $ 229 .

Already in the online store Kings sneaker you find the version in shades of white, for $ 349 and some other simpler models for $ 149 .


The favorite brand of teen audience, it has wonderful choices with a variety of colors to fall in love with!

At the official Melissa store, you’ll find the complete collections. See the list in ascending order of prices:

  • Beach Slide for $ 50
  • Beach Slide Shine for R $ 120
  • Beach Slide Match for R $ 130
  • Beatch Slide III for R $ 150


The brand is in the ranking of this list with the most affordable prices and also full of incredible models!

Check out the Grendene site, the entire collection of zaxy, and enjoy because the online store is always with discounts and promotions that should not be missed!

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