The Savoir-Fair’ of The New Dior Dioressence Stiletto

For the lovers and whimsical shoes, the classic stiletto is simply ideal. And if you sign up Dior, It is the most! I speak of Dioressence, the new stiletto of the maison. A sophisticated, feminine design and above all, a model of bottom of Cabinet, able to raise any look a sensational category and luxury.

This type of shoes are easy to look Thanks to its easy combination with skirt or pants, so that parts of luxury, always are a good investment (provided that you can’t afford it you, its price ranges between the) 550 and 570 euros, Depending on the color), as well presumirás celebrity feet.

The new Dior, flirtatious neckline and somewhat impertinent heel shoe, is quite a character. Its design is the result of insight gained over more than sixty years.

To make a couple of Dioressence more than a hundred stages of manufacturing and the participation of more than 40 professionals are needed. Are made in the region of Veneto, in Italy, and reaultan a very flattering model thanks to the heel and its sharp tip, which lengthen the leg.

The heel, made entirely in leather, emphasizes its delicacy and stylized silhouette highlighting the curves of the legs. They are available in a variety of colors, to be able to wear them at different times of the year ´las.