The Look Right with Dress Boots Black

We can translate dress boots as “boots social”, that is, a type of footwear similar to shoes formal, but with the high pipe that characterizes the boot. In a look without major arrojos visual, but not dowdy, a pair such as this is ideal to give a touch more with the combination, showing good taste and care in the choice of that dress.

The Look Right with Dress Boots Black

Why does it work?

Blazer grey is a true joker in the winter, even more so if it is wool, combined with the plaid shirt that mixing red with navy blue (I had to enlarge the photo to see the details!) in a fabric type flannel guarantees the protection of the top in the cold. At the bottom, a pair of slim fit or skinny gives the modern touch to the look, complementing it comes the beautiful boots in leather in matte black that are, without a doubt, the biggest highlight of this combo.

Try this…

A scarf in a neutral tone to protect even more in the cold, or lighter pieces to create a look of half the station.

It would not be the same thing if…

Swapped out the “dress boot” for a footwear below normal, or the blazer for a jacket that destoasse rest of the boot.

In short:

  • Boots with footprint social value combination;
  • To give prominence to footwear, do set pieces, simple but elegant;
  • Wool and flannel are good options to keep warm without many clothes or jackets heavy;
  • Pants slim fit leaves the look more young and trendy;
  • Accessories on top are going well, try a scarf in a neutral color;
  • Shoes cheap would not have the same effect.