The Latest in Shoes? of Transparent Heel

The heel becomes the protagonist of shoes and sandals of style. The latest fashions in footwear are the transparent heels. Da same model and the height, the case is drawing attention and give an original touch to our style.

Rebeca Sanver

Heels bi-color, completely transparent or gradient. This trend provides a bold and avant-garde style at our feet. Rebeca Sanver It is one of the firms having more models in their collection of summer with towering heels and Lodi bet on colors in high heels more bajitos designs.

Rebeca Sanver

The methacrylate or plastic transparent is the material used and provide a clean, sophisticated air to the shoe, as well as futuristic.


There is also space for models with transparent effect, i.e. they are opaque, but far give the feeling of transparency as the ankle peep toe of Ursula Mascaro or sandals of Zara.

Mascaró and Zara

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